V.3 Capacity Relationship Building

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:star2: I’m excited to share this blog entry with you, which includes:

  • :earth_africa: Contextual Background
  • :woman_office_worker: Role Description for Program Builder / Relationship Weaver
  • :memo: Detailed Responsibilities and Goals for the Role
  • :mag: Insights on Immediate and Long-term Impact Expected from this Position

Contextual Background

Following our discussions on May 24th, I’ve connected with many people from our collective who are linked to the DBC in various ways. It’s clear we’re in a renewal of energy—new beginnings are upon us! Everyone I spoke to expressed a desire to reactivate our bridge to impacting the bioregion. Now, the big questions: What do we want to do? How do we get there? How do we do it?

We’re facing some challenges: fewer people are visiting, Costa Rica is getting more expensive, the dollar is going down also, and it’s low season. Despite this, crypto remains strong, and markets fluctuate always anyway. Resilience is essential for our regenerative community to thrive, just as nature does, especially in our magnificent bioregion, which unites us.

I’d like to draw inspiration from a remarkable example in Costa Rica, 4 hours away from Diamante: The collective organization in Monteverde has lead to become a municipality, there’s an international community living there, there’s a social centre (this for Coliazul might be relevant, it’s name is [Rio Chante] (tried to put links but only can add 2. as a new memeber) this space has been occupied), there’s a successful local currency called Verdes (Cambiatus | Comunidade Verdes) (Karla Refi CR is a cofunder), and they seem to be a very good example of a community coming together, also during the pandemic.

It seems that The Instituto Monteverde] (https://monteverde-institute.org/) experience & data is very relevant. They bring kids from all over the world to learn about ecology, as well as Phd’s tio do research. Everything is open source and is based in the local bioregion. Imagine how important that data is, how amazing would be to have that here as well. They are providing data to sustain and thrive and they are not using high tech to do any of that.

Happy to deepen more in Monteverde & other experiences that can be relevant to it.

Reactivation Strategy

To reactivate our community, we need capable individuals who know their stuff, execute effectively, and get compensated. A paid team not only accomplishes great work but also brings in more funds and capacities, helping our space thrive.

I’ve drafted a role to address our diverse challenges and drive the development of a cohesive, impactful strategy for our community. This role aims to build collective capacity and growth, embody intersectional regeneration, and integrate locals and foreigners.

Role Description: Program Builder / Relationship Weaver

Title: Program Builder / Relationship Weaver (Open to other name suggestions)

Mission: Oversee program creation and capacity development for the Diamante Luz Collective. Ensure community sustainability and growth through strategic project creation, community integration, and resource development and allocation.

Key Responsibilities:

Site Development:

  • Co-develop a phased development strategic plan, including budgeting and resource allocation, with input from on-site stewards and volunteers using permaculture design principles.

  • Create a program for maintaining and improving DLC’s physical infrastructure.

Digitalization and Tracking:

  • Set up and manage digital systems for tracking project progress and outcomes.
  • Maintain records of community contributions and stewardship activities using cloud-based tools.

Community Integration and Engagement:

  • Organize and facilitate community events and educational workshops to foster stronger local community integration.
  • Develop digital guides and resources to support community members and volunteers.

Economic Resilience and Resource Development:

  • Seek funding and resources through grants and donations aligned with DLC’s mission.

Immediate Challenges:

  • Lead the creation of a comprehensive permaculture design for Diamante Luz.

  • Lead the co-creation of a document with the budget required to accomplish goals.

  • Improve digitization of progress to track outcomes and progress.

  • Secure necessary permits for effective project execution?

Mid/Long-term Goals:

  • Create a sustainable model for affordable housing within the community.
  • Create a hub for the convergence of science, tech, anthropology and regenerative finance & education. (what flows, what’s aligned, what governance says)
  • Develop diversified revenue, alliances, partnerships streams to ensure holistic resilience.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Fluent in English & Spanish.
  • Strong understanding of Web 3 tools.
  • Experience in community engagement and development.
  • Knowledge of permaculture and sustainable practices.
  • Ability to navigate regulatory and administrative processes.
  • Proficiency with digital organizational tools.
  • Excellent communication and leadership abilities.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Fluent in English & Spanish.
  • Strong understanding of Web 3 tools.
  • Experience in community engagement and development.
  • Knowledge of permaculture and sustainable practices.
  • Ability to navigate regulatory and administrative processes.
  • Proficiency with digital organizational tools.
  • Excellent communication and leadership abilities.
  • Understands the local law.
  • Has experience shilling in online spaces.
  • Connection to public goods local actors.

Effort Requirements:

  • Commitment of 10-20 hours per week, with potential for increased involvement as projects scale.
  • Initial design plan: 3 to 8 hours per week to create initial material for decisive action.


  • To be discussed based on experience and contribution.
  • Figure mechanisms to incentivize qualified people to join and participate.

Bueno, that’s it from my side. Thanks for existing and also for reading all the way down here, I appreciate your time. Looking forward to reading and engaging with your comments.

Pura vida compañerxs!


Hey @ArturoMontanaro thank you so much for diving in and doing the research to produce this comprehensive and strategic role proposal!

At the moment I think it’s important to clarify the distinction between Diamante Luz (the land node / private trust / stewards), and the Diamante Bridge Collective (public association / membership / digital umbrella identity).

Frequently in the past, roles have straddled these two organizations, with for example, housing and home base services provided by Diamante Luz (or Luz del Bosque) to a person who is filling a role for the DBC (project leader, circle facilitator, skill / labor service delivery).

This can easily create confusion, yet it’s part of the circular economic system being practiced here so it’s important - and necessary - to clearly delineate what is DLuz and what is DBC, even if just by setting a percentage of the value creation allocation and payment distribution.

I think for context it’s important to review the following active proposals:

LAND USE AGREEMENT between Diamante Luz Foundation & the DBC (Asociacion Puente Diamante Collectiva)

Coliazul Escuelita Comunitaria & Centro Cultural by the DBC on the DLuz Commons

In these proposals, the DBC and the Diamante Luz Foundation seek to demonstrate the granting of privately held land to a public organization for use as a community hub in the region, and lead by example in forging a pathway for other landowners to collaborate with the DBC in meeting local community needs.

So the question that remains for me after reading your proposal, is whether you believe this role and these functions are best designed and filled specifically to represent the Diamante Luz Foundations interests, or if this is a broader role that is better placed at the DBC/APDC public level - or a combination of the two that will be more clearly defined as we go through the advise process here.

I see you filling a critical role here with these projects Arturo, one that the Collective AND the land node will need for us to move forward. Super grateful for your efforts in the past 5 months, from connecting through ReFi Costa Rica to join us at Protopian Convergence all the way through your commitment to come live here, connect with the community at the local, indigenous and foreigner layers, and bring forth a proposal that can address root issues with solutions that move us all forward together.

:heart: :costa_rica: :wink:

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Hola Dani,

Thanks for the detailed clarification about the distinctions between Diamante Luz (DL) and the Diamante Bridge Collective (DBC). It’s now clear to me that DL operates under the DBC/APDC umbrella, and that there can be other similar nodes orbiting around this main organization.

DL, along with any other node, reports to the DBC/APDC before making important decisions that require a vote. DBC/APDC serves as the legal authority legitimizing DL’s operations and establishes the policy-making framework as the governance entity.

Given this structure, I believe that having the DBC/APDC take an active role would benefit similar projects like DL by helping them achieve sustainability. Perhaps more support for operations from the collective in their regeneration programs and providing mentorship to other organizations could be facilitated. This would enhance scalability in the medium to long term, as more organizations become members of the DBC/APDC, adding value through a robust trust network. This approach could eventually support the formation of a DAO and local currency in long-term planning.

On the other side, if DBC/APDC serves as the umbrella, we might always want to protect it. So, the role could also be designated from DL. Nevertheless, DL’s governance is under DBC/APDC.

Regarding your question about the role proposal, I see it as a critical function that could bridge the interests of both the Diamante Luz Foundation and the DBC/APDC. Initially, the focus would be on DL, creating the capacity to run operations effectively and developing incentive mechanisms to attract more skilled people, thus enhancing resilience and adding value to the community.

I’m very interested in assuming this role, not just personally, but through Landia taking on the responsibility. With our team, we can bring a versatile skill set to meet the diverse needs of this position, and it would be supportive for operations as we can grow together and we can also provide funds in mutually beneficial projects, like creating events, community material such as guides and educational material to expand reach and collaboration. How this process would look like in the governance structure from DBC/APDC?

I believe such an approach can drive forward both DL and the broader objectives of the DBC/APDC, leading to a more integrated and resilient community.