Proposal for hosting of Coliazul Waldorf Community Project and the building of a Cultural Center at DBC

Proposal Champion: Randall Saborio
Proposal Status: For Consent at Assembly
Governing Circle: APDC Assembly
Advice Process Location:

Proposal for hosting of Coliazul Waldorf Community Project and the building of a Cultural Center at DBC

Statement of Proposal:

The Coliazul Waldorf Community Project is a collective of community stewards and families intertwining Waldorf education, natural building, and community stewardship using a multi-stakeholder membership model.

Coliazul hereby proposes to develop the activities of our lifelong educational program for children and adults based on Waldorf principles on the land stewarded by the DBC.

To achieve this purpose we include the building of a Cultural Center that will host our educational program and that it will also serve as a venue for other cultural and educational events for people of any age, as proposed by other community stewards.

We propose to build this Cultural Center and be granted permission to utilize the upper plateau land that is held in a Trust at the Diamante Luz land project.

Context Description:

Our children and we, the adults, need a space for culture and education with a wider understanding of learning.

The Coliazul Waldorf Community Project aligns with the mission and objectives of the Diamante Bridge Collective, generating experiential learning tools and capacities for the children of our village and the adults that care for nurturing the seeds of our communities.

The Waldorf methodology resonates with our project and is perfect to be used in our environment and in alignment with the principles of the DBC as it has the following main characteristics:

  1. Holistic Development : Focus on nurturing the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of a child, fostering a well-rounded individual.
  2. Arts-Integrated Curriculum : Integration of arts, music, and movement into academic subjects, promoting creativity and self-expression.
  3. Play-Based Learning : Emphasis on play as a crucial component of early childhood education, allowing children to explore and learn through imaginative play.
  4. Nature Connection : Recognition of the importance of nature in a child’s development, often incorporating outdoor activities and a connection to the natural world.
  5. Cultural and Practical Arts : Inclusion of practical life skills and cultural activities in the curriculum to develop a sense of community and connection to the world.

In addition to the care for our children the space also serves as a venue for events for people of any age, to promote intergenerational and intercultural interaction, and any type of cultural event as proposed by the community stewards.

By utilizing shared space and resources, the Diamante Bridge Collective contributes to the realization of these shared goals, offering a platform for holistic education, life-long learning, and cultural activities to thrive.

The children are the future. By having a nurturing space for children and a cultural center, the community spirit will be strengthened and a rooting process will be activated which encourages families to stay long term and engage.

Reference Documents

Coliazul Waldorf Community Project Foundation Document

Coliazul Organizational Plan

Driver for this Proposal:

We request permission to utilize the upper plateau of Diamante Luz for building a Community Cultural Center that will serve to host an educational program for children and that can also host cultural and educational activities for the community. The structure will serve the purpose of an inspiring learning environment for children as well as a communal space for creative culture and life-long learning.

The Coliazul team of stewards will work on designing the physical space, bring in the material and financial resources, and organize the construction of the structures. The design will consider using processes and materials that are sustainable and cost effective, embedded in harmony with the space and cause the least impact to the environment possible.

The start date of the project educational program is for February 2024.

The start date of the construction of the Cultural Center will commence when we have the design complete and acquired the necessary resources, financial and material, to start the construction.

The Coliazul team commits through this proposal to steward this project and the Cultural Center Commons for a period of 5 years.

Expected Outcomes:

The Coliazul Project consists of at least 5 phases. As of Dec 20th we are advancing through Stage 1:

Stage 0:

Stewards from the community, realizing we have to resolve this important need, agree to organize and use our dedication, our network and our resources, to make the project happen. Some meetings have happened to share the project. Starting to “hunt” for a lead teacher.

Stage 1 (Nov 2023 through Jan 2024):

We invite families and stewards for playtime and sharing circles. We advance the design of the project as the picture gets clearer on the energy needed and the resources available. We enable agreements with our supporters. We nurture bonds within the stewards and supporters. With a plan and resources available, we can start enabling the infrastructure for the next stage.

Stage 2 (tentative February 2024):

We have a proposed program for the kids, and the teachers and stewards that will carry it, and the commitment from families and supporters. We have the most basic infrastructure needed to start this. The first iteration of the program starts. Plans, connections and agreements with supporters and resources continue to evolve into improvements and additions.

Stage 3:

Coliazul has enabled the creation of a multi-purpose infrastructure that can be used to adequately support the educational program in its current capacity, and steward and support the extension of activities and availability as a community Cultural Center. As aligned by support and resources, we support the creation of a Cafe/store. on the next plantel.

Stage 4:

The Cultural Center continues to flourish and be an epic center of connection and growth in wisdom and culture in San Salvador.

Short-term (1-6 months):

  • Establishment of the Coliazul Waldorf Community Project on the proposed land project. The project consists of a Waldorf-based program for children functioning 3 days a week.
  • Successful implementation of a Waldorf-based educational curriculum
  • Hiring at least one professional teacher
  • Active community participation through classes, workshops, and mentorship
  • Affordable education for families, with financial support for those in need.
  • Families will contribute $200 per month for the operation costs and infrastructure. Families with more capacity can donate more.
  • Organizing sponsoring associations in different countries (home countries of the community members)
  • Starting fundraising for stage 1 of the buildings of the cultural center.
  • Establishing the “Traveling teacher system” inviting experienced Waldorf teachers to share their experience after their work-life.
  • In the Cultural Center space a variety of activities can take place in the afternoon and evening, like dancing, singing, English and Spanish lessons, community meetings and potlucks, also provided by our experienced guest teachers.
  • Lifelong learning, the children will experience adults in their learning process.
  • Ecobuilding workshops
  • Designing workshops

Mid-term (6-12 months):

  • Steady participation and growth of the participants.
  • Integration of more international or local Waldorf teachers.
  • Adaption of the buildings to the growing needs of the growing student body.
  • Progress toward the goal of not exceeding $200 per family for education .
  • Development of a cultural center, offering art, science, and cultural experiences.
  • Enrichment of the San Salvador/Diamante Valley community through holistic education
  • Monthly events for sharing knowledge/projects of the children in an artistic way.
  • Further funding of the project allows for improvements of the infrastructure of the land project hosting the Coliazul project.
  • Developing the community cafe for more public use.

Long-term (12+ months):

  • Sustainable operation of the Coliazul Waldorf Community Project.
  • Continuous improvement of educational quality.
  • Enhanced student diversity and educational team growth.
  • Establishment of a secure foundation for the project’s future.
  • Enriched community life within San Salvador/Diamante Valley.
  • Becoming attractive for families and other creative people to settle.
  • The buildings are prepared in a manner, to serve educational as well as event- and seminar- purposes in afternoons and evenings.

Evaluation Specifications:

Describing the performance activities that will be reviewed at evaluation checkpoints.

Performance activities that will be reviewed at evaluation checkpoints include:

  • Student enrollment and participation rates.
  • Community participation levels through classes, workshops, and services.
  • Financial progress and adherence to the target cost of $200 per family.
  • Development of a supporter circle
  • Feedback and satisfaction levels from participating families and stewards.
  • Growth of the educational team and presence of experienced teachers.

Budget Requirements:

  • We are still developing the budget requirements for the educational program operations and for the construction of the Cultural Center.
  • Coliazul will drive the funding campaigns for the required financial and material capital for the operations and construction. Coliazul will also receive support from participating families through membership fees and also material and labor support from community stewards.


The Coliazul project will procure the materials through the financial funding and request for material support campaigns


Core team of Coliazul Waldorf Community Project:

Randall Saborío

State of affairs

Tentative start date: February 2024.

We are in conversation with 4 possible teachers.

The lead teacher needs to be confirmed.

A mentoring teacher is arriving to our community in January and will help us with developing the program and finding the lead teacher

Finding rooms for teachers to live in.

Coachings with experienced teachers are taking place.

We are connected with several Waldorf projects in Costa Rica and abroad.

Regular meetings of the core team are taking place.

Meetings with the parents are taking place.

Currently 10 children are on the list, between ages 7 to 11.

Development of spaces is in progress, which allow the accommodation of an ideal learning environment as well as the cultural activities.

With the Coliazul Cultural Center the Diamante Bridge Collective can become an even more helpful and attractive place for lots of communities and people around.


As we did not have the space at our 2023 year end General Assembly to thoroughly review and approve this proposal, I’d like to suggest that we form a special Land Use Agreement Council to accomplish the following steps:


  1. Due diligence by the greater DBC Community (both members of the APDC, and past participants in APDC-sponsored activities) to assess the proposal and surface any objections as to how or why this proposal may not be in the best interest of the APDC mission or the local community.

  2. Pose clarifying questions to the Coliazul Waldorf Community Project team that bring greater understanding as to the scope of the initiative.

  3. Support the team in making the Proposal better where needed in order to muster support from the APDC General Assembly so we can achieve quorum at an Extraordinary Assembly (if that is determined to be required).


A. As this is a significant initiative affecting resources of both Diamante Luz and the Asociacion Puente Diamante Colectiva, it is recommended that approval go before a special session of the APDC General Assembly - but not required.

B. In the absence of regular meetings by either the Land Stewardship Circle or the Funding Administration Circle, it would be more efficient, effective and expedient to form a joint council for the review and approval process on this Proposal for hosting the Coliazul Waldorf Community.

C. This Land Use Council will have a purpose to build support and engagement for the CWC Project through the above Feedback measures, so that the General Assembly is informed in advance and will show up at a convening to pass the proposal.

D. Additionally, the Land Use Council can work concurrently to revise and approve a Land Use Agreement** between the APDC and Diamante Luz Foundation, that sets forth the terms and the conditions of satisfaction whereby DLuz will grant use of the land to the CWC project as an approved initiative of the DBC.

**The Land Use Agreement is currently in process via the APDC Board of Directors, along with the drafting of Bylaws for the APDC. You can see the beginning of this process and participate in it by reviewing and replying in this Forum Post!

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Thanks Danibell for your efforts.
I would like to know, if and which objections were already brought up by members of the APDC.

Other question, when you write about the effect on the resources of DLuz and the APDC: Which kind of resources do you mean?
I want to point out, that the Coliazul core team is planning for the Waldorf community project to be financially fully independent by fundraising and parent’s membership fees.

Finally, all efforts to make the approval process as fast as possible are highly appreciated. Many thanks.


I’m not aware of any objections - I am aware that there are unanswered (maybe unasked?) questions around that plan for full financial independence.

Things that come to my mind as a project manager primarily involve risk mitigation on the budget, from engineering and design to materials/construction, and in particular the infrastructure costs and long term expansion & sharing with future parties on the Dluz Commons at scale.

Secondarily, There is the coordination and collaboration with Luz del Bosque, Richie’s / Travis, and utility providers for power, water, etc… I have full trust that we are capable of identifying and implementing a great solution! However DLuz does not have that in place right now and it’s something that will need to be addressed in the Land Use Agreement.

Hola Todos.

I have no objections to these ColiAzul intentions being moved forward. The intent of a commmunity centered educational space has allways resonanted with the Lands of Diamante Luz, the planet, and me, in my opinion.

I allways seek root solutions. A great, whole, round, critical, fun curriculum for the communty and youth, is a root solution.
I see a great deal of love and need in this draft proposal. I pray and seek the greatest outcome for these intentions.

Also, I see many areas that I believe will flounder in failure if they do not address more pragmatic detail.

So many areas, really all the areas, in my opion require more thought and timeframes and boundaries, and budgets of $$, Time, materials, etc.

A few examples follow;

  • For the intent. What is the goal? what is a ‘successful’ phase 1, 2 ,3 look like?
    How many kiddos and how many events? First month? First year? 2nd year? Projections?

  • What are parent, community, teacher, donor, student, elder, participation Expectations?

  • For the Build; What are the measuring sticks for; the build? the land use success? the teacher / training, the insurance/government regs, the budget, the events, the food?

What are costs and material lists of the builds? Who is overseeing? Who is / how is, waste? and materials aquisition? and where is rain and waste being directed, now, during the build, during the phases, and long term?

Where are volunteer or paid hours being recorded? Payroll? Build team? Teachers? Grounds? All volunteer? Either way, how do we asses along the way?

Wherever there is food and public; will the kitchen be built and provided by the Commons? Who is paying/building/inventory/acquisitions? Who is desiging the kitchen? Flow? Refrigeration? ( who CLEANS the kitchen every sunday night?)

Do “events” rent the space? Does the “school” rent the space?
Who follows up afer an event? After a Schoolday?

Who holds “funds” aka - hours/service/currencies? For “school”, “events”, comm center,? When and how do we quad fund on participation vs. Donation?

I believe this random list above, is a lot. And it is only the first bit of questions I have, in an efffort to move this project toward success, I ask questions. When we open-source, and trust, and due all diligence, we will succeed.

I love you all. Be well.
Here or not - in my prayers -
Tien S

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Thanks Tien, for asking all the questions. Of course, we don’t have all these answers yet, and will work to get a response to address them and share here.

While we are blessed to have Reinhard’s leadership on design and engineering, and a dedicated collective of families ready to contribute monthly for the Waldorf education already initiated for children of the region, the search is on for a Project Manager that can oversee the practical matters of construction and coordination.

Many volunteers are showing up to help with materials procurement already as bamboo harvesting season is upon us.

With the big picture clarified around managing the land and upgrading the infrastructure, approval of the project by the DBC is on the docket for Feb. Non-profit fundraising can then begin in earnest very soon so the team can dive deeper in to answering these important questions of detail.

Hallo Tien !
Thanks for the questions.
I agree with Danibells answers.
The Coregroup and the parents and friends are in preparing. harvesting bamboo. teaching and teaching teachers. Including the people of the region and the beauty and gifts of nature.

In this very moment just some answers :

-The buildings include possibilitys to colect water.
We are working on concepts to bring the town- and rain -water to the highest point.
A Wind turbine came up in one if the visions I had.

  • I am sure that we work with the question of colecting the waste in a best way for nature.

-The kitchen is an very central part of the project it has a counter towards the shool part for the comunity and an othe counter for the public towards the view and the dining tarasse
I strongly felt the same as You , that this point is from a great importants.

  • We work on a permanent team for teachers.
  • We are in preparing with Tim , a permanent team with 6 people : 2 Persons good in concret and welding .2 Bamboo allrounders and 2 persons in organizing and material suplay etc.
    One father Christian is spanish soeaking and has multiple skills.
    There is lot to say more.
    Soon the fundraising brings more information. pictures and actual insides.
    I am looking forward to have beautiful events from the Coliazul children program or the Cultural Center Diamante with You guys !!!

Hola DBC familia,

Thanks Danibelle and Tien for your interest in and desire to see the Coliazul Waldorf “School” and Diamante Cultural Center Project fly and for your willingness along of course with Tim’s, to offer the sacred Diamante Luz land you have been stewarding for the Project to be housed therein. Having had several years-worth of experience now in creating your Vision from scratch - from the grassroots stage on up - you have the know-how and experience gained to
forsee or know the necessessary steps, stages and many-faceted logistics involved in terms of good land stewardship and legal compliances (or not) needed while maintaining the trust in the value and beauty incorporated in one’s endaavors and the evolution of us all as humans desiring to create change and yet seek to implement and honor the ancient traditions of our Indigenous ancestors including surrendering to the Spirit within Nature and all life that wishes all beings well and thriving. Kuddos to you for your efforts and sucesses and growth thus far and your ongoingv desire to continue along this parh!!!

I wish to express my full support towards seeing the Coliazul Waldorf Community Project and Cultural Center proposal approved and adopted by the APDC towards it’s continued growth and fruition as a viable contribution and asset in the fulfillment of our Vision and efforts in the San Salvador and the Diamante Valley communities.

I see it’s vast present and future potential as a Waldorf School offering the creative, expressive and mental, spiritual and heartfelt aternative values that the Waldorf methodology based on Rudolf Steiner’s offerings to humanity has intrinsically woven into its makeup for the children in our community. The photo of our kids taken during a class recently held wherein the 6 kids and their teacher (who was Genesis I believe at the time) bears evidence to the value already being offered and received by our kids. Look at the faces of Shani, of Felina and of Lu in this foto!!!
(It’s posted in the Coliazul Telegram chat.) They are totally absorbed in and enthralled by their co-creation of a story around the characters they have just made themselves out of plastaline. They have been coming together every friday with their dedicated and beautifully animated British Waldorf teacher Fiona and their teacher-trainees at Rosa Maria’s big casa azul for several weeks now and this foto says it all. Perfect harmony, unity and in-the-moment blissful creative absorbtion! I want to continue being a part of such an awesome offering to humanity!

I see the possibility too of additional families likewise being attracted to putting down roots here in the valley were such an opportunity available for their kids much as Christian and Chantel from Venezuela via Monte Verde are doing.

I see the value as a beacon of light to have a cultural center unifiing all of us in the valley under 1 roof as it were where New Earth builders of Tican, internatioal expat and Indigenous roots come together to celebrate our uniquenesses as well as our intrinsic oneness in joyful and
all- inclusive ways. As valley land stewards we would all have the unique oportunity to co-design and co- create ways to bring all of us together towards this end (as has already been begun by the Taco Tuesday events sponsered by the Diamante Luz team that drew peopla from as far away as Uvita after an Envision event and hosting Don Marcelino from the Bribri community on the Carribean side of Coasta Rica who came with Abuela to offer teachings and ceremony to all of us.) I see events designed to include all our Tican friends and familia such as once-a-month “block parties” with booths and space where all of us can offer our services and wares to each other and teach/share with each other our various skills and forte’s - possibly even some being “fund-free”(which is also incorporated in Rudolf Steiner’s principles) whereby one offers their services in exchange for another’s from their heart offering validity to everyones’ offerings. In the “real” world giving a massage may have more “value” per hour than shoeing a horse, but in the spirit of getting to know and honor one anther’s talents and services as neighbors and as a community direct or third party trades across the board are joyfully received and perfectly legit. My current understanding of the situation is that the Coliazul Waldorf schooling would be functioning as an alternative to the public school system but the founding fathers (parents and core team) don’t want to name it a “school” as such but would be offering schooling as one of the Culture Centers offerings to the community. And as such, some of the important logistical /planning questions you brought up Tien would not be pre-planned yet as they would be part of the larger design of the Cultural Center which can be designed to function in many ways anf as such open to many options much as El Faro was offering and SS Ziggany Band has been doing.


P.S. Even it is for the most of the people already clear, as we are colectiong the main points here, it feels important to underline that we decided not to name it School anymore insted it is the: Coliazul Children Program.
The Coliazul Children Program is inspired by Waldorf and it is hosted by the Culture Centre Diamante Luz where lots of other Workshops and Conferences are taking place as the day is long. Singing, Languagelessons, Ceremonies, Dances etc…inspired by a variety of ideas points of views and spiritual or practical insides and traditions.

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Hello Coliazul project team, Diamante Luz stewards, DBC community and interested parties.

The DBC has been actively fundraising for itself, for the Coliazul project, and for other projects like the Recycling Center, and now holds some crypto assets that require ongoing management even where agreements on how to distribute those collected resources are still moving through the advice process.

I share this response here on the public forum to bring attention to the new supporting proposals that have been put forth recently:

DBC Treasury Management
DLuz / DBC Capacity Building

These 2 roles are critical to the further development and approval of this Coliazul project, and to the effective management of our collective resources.

While the DBC/APDC has not formally accepted the land use grant from the Diamante Luz Foundation, the project team moves forward in good faith toward the goals outlined in this proposal. There are essential responsibilities that must be assumed by individuals at the DLuz, DBC, and Coliazul layers in order for the proposal to be approved as a project, and there are also essential infrastructural actions that must be taken in a timely manner to keep the site development moving forward.

As such, we see the electrical service to the site as a critical milestone that affects the functionality of Diamante Luz land operations that must be maintained and improved at this time.

Since this must take place at the top of the property, the proposed location of the Coliazul project, funds raised by the DBC for the Commons at DLuz and for the Coliazul project currently held in crypto assets are being set aside for this infrastructural work that is needed for the site to be functional at DLuz, safe for the community use, and protected during the upcoming rainy season.

If you have questions on how this is being managed, please indicate your willingness and capacity to engage in the decision making process around assets of the DBC and DLuz held on the blockchain and I will follow up to include you in the relevant Telegram threads as appropriate.

Thank you!

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