Steps to re-activate Sociocratic Circles for DBC

  1. Have clear statements of Circle’s Purpose and Domain.
  2. Have a list of possible roles/pillars, being specific or generic that can be filled by aspiring DBC members. Map the roles/pillars to Circles. Create the role templates so can be used by applicants.
  3. For this run, invite DBC community to apply to a Stewardship Stage + Role. The Stewardship Stages to be considered for this run can be from Stage 3/Branch and inwards.
  4. Collectively approve of the applicants on a General Circle meeting.

This is a broad idea pending to elaborate further on the steps and start creating the pieces.

Please comment on feeling/ideas about this.


Hi Randal

Would you post the purpose/mission of the DBC above this list. And would #1 be clearer if it referenced how a circle purpose supports the broader mission?

My first post!!


Yay first post, welcome to the public forum @Drb !

Here is a link to the Forum Post with the DBC Vision, Mission and Objectives as currently approved… copy/pasting V/M only here:


We envision an interdependent network of autonomous communities cultivating and nurturing a planetary paradise where everyone’s needs are met and the prosperity of Earth is endowed to future generations.


  • We are inspiring planetary transformation by embodying regenerative lifestyles.
  • We are generating experiential learning tools, skills, and capacities for the flourishing of personal, spiritual and environmental relationships.
  • We are co-creating collective agreements for self-governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common-land stewardship.
  • We are facilitating the just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity.

If you have questions or would like to comment / suggest changes, please do comment on that post!

What I’m hearing from @rpiesveloces here is that as each Circle plans next meetings, these next steps should be taken in order to establish the team and clarify the purpose, so the team can easily prioritize initiatives by aligning them with the Circles, then the DBC’s, objectives for the year.

Each Circle can reflect on the DBC vision, mission, and objectives… hear what the members think is important, then nominate / elect a Circle Lead that can facilitate the team through defining the mission of the Circle, and objectives for the year.

In past years we have focused on Funding/Admin with a goal to have clear processes, on Land Stewardship to develop the Stages… this year the Regenerative Enterprise has been stepping into the spotlight… however! All Circles are interdependent in this autonomous network :wink:

What to know from me, is that stepping into a Circle, taking on a Role, clarifying the purpose and meeting regularly to review, discuss and approve/prioritize proposals etc. is how you move through the Stages of Stewardship - by taking on stewardship of our processes you are exercising your right to govern, bringing your voice and perspective to the whole, and gaining experience, reputation, credibility, and trust over time.

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so i’m guessing its safe to presume that the sociocratic circles also include REgen (revenue generating circles) circles…?
if so i would suggest that when its a Regen circle we establish a protocol for financial flow along with the other excellent suggestion above! what i mean by financial flow is essentially a bookkeeping protocol and a championing / pillaring of orchestration for the tracking of the revenue / donations coming in and the disbursement of these donations.
of course this would also include a clear “Value Exchange Agreement” (VEA) document for those that are consistently maintaining the revenue / donation flow in these Regen Circles.
Lastly i will state again the other 2 pieces (that go along with the VEA) of what i’ll call (for the 1st time :wink: the Holy Trinity of an Effective Collective; 1) a clear Roles Template or Private Membership Agreement (PMA) or Responsibility Agreement for the members or applicants
2) an Accountability Protocol or a Conditions of Satisfaction Protocol

lastly lastly i’ll state; as you can see i’m using many names above that i have heard from various people to describe the things we are attempting to do. i’d like to suggest that we all come to agreement on the words that we are all comfortable using and establish that as the Spell we want to use :slight_smile: and stick with it.

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  1. Create baseline of Governance and Coordination Patterns

  2. Refine basic templates for roles, circles, projects

  3. Membership activation:

  • Agree to DBC Vision, Mission Values.
  • Starting Branch level, agree to Governance Guidelines. Read them and learn as we go. (create workshops)
  • Opt to fill a role on a DBC circle. Receive tokens according to treasury policy and budget
  1. Circles to have own treasury policy.

    • Circles have opportunity to obtain funding in giveth/crypto/erc-20 and hold on circle treasury
    • Create roles / projects in DeWork. Use treasury to pay for cards that can represent: roles, bounties, projects
    • Circles can decide on redirecting part of its salary to other circles. Eg: Tech and Media is receiving funding through its activities. 50% remains in Tech and Media treasury. 25% to General Circle treasury. 25% to Project funding
  2. Create experiments on activating different tokens and distribute to Circles through DAO tools. (DeWork, 1Hive, Hypha, other?)

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