Diamante bridge Mission/vision/ objectives

Diamante Bridge Collective


We envision an interdependent network of autonomous communities cultivating and nurturing a planetary paradise where everyone’s needs are met and the prosperity of Earth is endowed to future generations.


  • We are inspiring planetary transformation by embodying regenerative lifestyles.
  • We are generating experiential learning tools, skills, and capacities for the flourishing of personal, spiritual and environmental relationships.
  • We are co-creating collective agreements for self-governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common-land stewardship.
  • We are facilitating the just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity.


How we will achieve our mission and vision.

How are we co-creating collective agreements for self governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common land stewardship?

  • Using Sociocracy as our agile governance model.
  • Using the protocol.love format for our collective foundational agreements.
  • Adopting and adapting existing systems and practices from similar land-people based projects.
  • Linking with other land-people based projects for sharing skills, experiences, services, resources and team members.
  • Holding common lands in trust or conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • DAF… creating non-profit donor-advised fund for receiving and administrating assets.
  • DAO process, inter-ecovillage exchange process… creating a local, adaptable, regenerative economy.
  • All documents, procedures and agreements are living and adaptable; constantly evolving by active participants.
  • Tracking participation and contributions with multiple types of “current-sees” (currencies).
  • Facilitating ongoing Mentorship programs such as: Natural building, Syntropi Permaculture and Regenerative Agroforestry, applied technologies, and Holistic Wellness.
  • Creating a Wisdom Council to enhance our collective vision and decision making.

How are we Facilitating the redistribution of resources and power to restore ecological wellness and social equity?

  • Striving to ensure that our local community, our Biological Corridor “El Paso de la Danta”, and subsequently all of humanity live in “Right Relation” with the web of life.
  • Identifying and integrating local “Bridgers” who have the interest, skills and desire to support our Vision and Missions.
  • Inviting and integrating locals into our organization as equal shareholders.
  • Creating a system of sustainable economic cycles… including saving for adaptability of an unknown futures, including “regenerative culture”.
    • repairing old broken energies (not necessarily just giving money)
    • practising integrity impeccably
    • starting locally, and eventually including all of humanity to repair/heal…
    • potential to employ/teach skills/integrate indigenous/local people

How are we inspiring planetary transformation by embodying and demonstrating regenerative lifestyles?

  • Hosting/collaborating on culture exchange and skill share events.
  • Celebrating and disseminating our joyful service to Mother Earth via social media.
  • Supporting the rebirth of balanced Earth-people cultures through Visionary storytelling and integrated indigenous ancestral wisdom.
  • Embodying the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture in our personal and communal lives.
  • Being a family/community… supporting and inspiring one another with honesty and clarity.
  • Regularly reviewing different projects to reassess and readapt for optimal impacts.
  • Onboarding new participants through a holistic intake, training and review process that supports personal growth, passions and mutually beneficial integration.
  • Honoring the uniqueness of every individual and supporting one another on our personal healing journeys.
  • Practicing Conscious Communication and Authentic Relating.
  • Adopting the “Findhorn Common Ground” agreements.

How are we generating and sharing the experiential learning tools, skills and capacities for personal, social, spiritual and ecological restoration?

  • Media team developing and open-sourcing educational content and workshops.
  • Using the Guiding Ethics, Principles and Petals of Permaculture as the basis of our organizational structure and operations.
  • Creating the “EARTHEART” Living Learning Center to support and catalyze the unfolding of our Vision and Missions.
  • Recording and sharing meetings.
  • Using human design/gene keys/astrology to help innerstand and support one another.
  • Managing funds efficiently and transparently to achieve a high positive impact of ecological restoration and quality of life.
  • Creating village settlements that nurture optimal human development by most effortlessly meeting everyone’s needs.
  • Seeking continual improvement through periodic review of our agreements, objectives and procedures.
  • Celebrating and learning from our lessons.
  • Supporting future generations by integrating children into our daily activities, while honoring their freedom of choice and personal interests; raising children as a village.
  • Creating multicultural and multilingual learning environments.
  • Exchange program and scholarships for youth leaders from economically disadvantaged communities.

Findhorn Agreements

Values/Common Ground

  1. Spiritual Practice
  2. Service
  3. Personal Growth
  4. Integrity
  5. Respect Others
  6. Direct Communication
  7. Reflection
  8. Feedback
  9. Non-violence
  10. Perspective
  11. Cooperation
  12. Peace-keeping
  13. Agreements
  14. Commitment