Role: Tech Admin and Circle Support Proposal by Randall - Passed

Tech Admin and RegenEnterprise Circle Admin by Randall Saborio

Statement of Proposal

To provide support to the DBC in regards to technological tools that allow us to collaborate more efficiently and communicate internally and to the outside world about our inner and outer workings, to inspire other beings and organizations into participating in creating healthy communities and networks aligned with Mother Earth and achieve our calling and highest potential.


Our collective is working towards embodying regenerative lifestyles and serving as inspiration for planetary transformation. As we create experiential learning tools, these have to be divulged so they can be replicated elsewhere.

We need stewards that have experience in the technological tools that can support us to achieve these aims as a collective.

We need support as we govern our circles and administer our resources in a most efficient way to achieve a just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity.


  • Provide servicing and coaching of the technological tools that are used by the collective so they allow us to collaborate and communicate efficiently, including:
    • Diamante Bridge Forum
    • Digital Ocean Cloud Subscriptions
    • Google Drive
    • LinkTree
    • Bloom Network platform
    • DeWork
    • Twitter
    • Youtube Channels
    • Projects on Giveth platform.
    • Google Calendar
    • Zoom
  • Create vivid engagement and conversations on the designated social platforms to achieve more visibility and interest in our projects for funding purposes and to inspire other humans and organizations to work towards regeneration.
  • Consolidate and manage access and password of DBC accounts for the different tech platforms.
  • Listen to the emerging technological needs and challenges of the collective to provide solutions or proposals to address these.
  • Advise and help gather inputs to be published to Social Media Outlets in proper format and language.

Provide Circle Administrative Support to the Regenerative Enterprise Circle:

  • Co-facilitate with the Circle Lead to drive the circle towards effective collaboration and communication
  • Use and coaching of sociocracy to drive the collaboration and governance of the circle
  • Work with Proposal Champions to assist them in keeping their project moving forward
  • Help develop processes, documentation and templates that allow the circle and its projects to work towards their objectives.
  • Manage the Circle’s technical needs for project management and communications.
  • Document and track the circle’s resources and budget and report to the DBC Treasurer.


  • Share constant social media posts and status to Telegram channels for visibility and ask members of the collective to participate in spreading the publications.
  • Monitor and manage the essential tech tools used by the collective and provide a monthly summary report with status of the tools.
  • Whenever we encounter an important problem or interruption with one of the tools, document the problem and solution so it can be replicated by someone else when needed.
  • Provide budget reports of RegenEnterprise circle as requested.
  • Provide a monthly report with summary and status of projects within the RegenEnterprise circle, including successes, blockages, budget and other data as pertaining to designated report template.

Budget Requirements

Asking for a monthly stipend of $300.

I’ve added a few direct comments, but I also think it would be worth reviewing the responsibilities listed under the IT Role that we created on our Sociacracy Roles Worksheet, to make sure that more of the previously identified needs are being covered.

That aside, I think that Randall is an excellent choice for this role.


Thank you Jason for the feedback.

I have updated my proposal following the recommended template with slight modification, and have added more responsibilities that reflect what was contributed to the Sociocracy Roles Worksheet while not adding too many so it will take sensing and prioritizing on the emerging needs of the collective.


Self-assessment Review

Contributions as Tech Admin

  • Reinstated the DBC Discourse forum back into operation when it was down

  • Gathered and compiled “all” DBC gmail accounts and passwords

  • Supported the DBC as Zoom tech facilitator for DBC Meetings

  • Compiled Zoom recordings on respective Google Drive folder: Audio Recordings of DBC Meetings

  • Created blog post on Bloom Network platform in advance of Bloom Network visit: Diamante Bloom node receives Bloom Network Organizers in Costa Rica

  • Updated the Linktree portal to include more of our projects Giveth pages:

  • Coordinated promotion and communications with the Bloom Network visitors for the DBC Decentralized Village event.

  • Covered the Decentralized Village event for Social Media: Twitter

  • Reviewed organization of DBC Forum and initiated improvements:

    • Created new categories: Collective Sense-making, Proposals, Proposals/Active Proposals, Our Tools
    • Created tags for proposals organizing: role-proposal, project-proposal, policy-proposal, action-proposal
    • Moved topics by other users that didn’t have a category to appropriate categories
  • Assessed the state of social media tools: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

  • Coordinated and obtained ownership of DBC profile on RegeneraVida platform. Where will continue posting events and interacting on RegeneraVida in the name of the DBC: The Diamante Bridge at RegeneraVida

  • Coordinated with Arturo regarding Youtube channel. Now to be relaunched as “Diamante Bridge Collective” instead of “Diamante Bridge Projects”.

  • Many hours investigating and coordinating trying to recover access to DBC Facebook page: This was not successful and the credentials for this page are lost. Next action is to create a new Facebook page for DBC like

  • Created the tweet post covering the Decentralized Village Diamante Bloom event for DBC with the most engagement so far.

  • Continued monitoring, posting and interacting through DBC twitter but have to work on consistency delivering this. See Twitter analytics for July and August. Also many hours of twitter researching for important influencers and conversations

    Compare to June:

  • Created a starting guide for Dework on DBC Forum. See post: DeWork for tasks coordination within the DBC. This is a starting point and work in progress as we receive feedback from DBC users and we evolve the agreements on how we use Dework for tasks coordination.

  • Started guide for Giveth compiling relevant resources. Soon to evolve on a concise guide to be used by the DBC. Giveth for funding of DBC Projects

Contributions as Circle Admin for RegenEnterprice Circle

  • I have synched only once with Tien for a RegenEnterprise circle so far. Received tasks to gather data where obtained some data from Arturo and Corey. See Free the Food Action Tracking. Needs work and sync if this is useful or not to the circle.
  • Due to timing and other priorities, have not gathered for a decent working session so I can get to work on the circle needs, and have also missed to sync properly with David to drive the circle admin in a better coordinated way.
  • My assessment is that I have not been able to contribute accordingly and I am also in the dark on the work that needs to be done.
  • Lots of improvement needed in this area but I am positive I can do better, or will reassess if I should assist as Circle Admin for a different circle.

Contributions outside my roles where I have represented the DBC mission and values

  • Took the quest of getting the motor weed whacker fixed on July 4th in San Isidro. It was some quest of going through many repair stores and receiving different assessments where finally on one store got it fixed successfully. Store I got it fixed is Inversiones Jotocillo. Google pin.
  • Contributed as a bridge with my translation skills to help Jeffrey coordinate with Rebeca regarding materials needed to finish the stairs at Abues.

What I will be working on for next cycle

  • Create and activate a new Facebook page and Instagram page for Diamante Bridge Collective: Work on FB outreach strategy
  • Complete the repurposing of the DBC Youtube channel and start adding content taken from the different projects. Lots to upload from Free the Food and other events.
  • Continue engaging and expanding on Twitter audience through DAOs and REFI ecosystem.
  • Post relevant events to the wider Regen community through RegeneraVida platform.
  • Assist in promotion of important events that represent the commitment of the DBC like the Aguas Cristalinas event.
  • Integrate the content of Youtube and share through FB and Twitter.
  • Create the Diamante Bridge Collective website. Guiding visitors through our hero’s journey where the DBC started, where we are at. Share our mission. How to support us. How to participate with us. Directing to our different online channels. Represent DBC as a contributor to a growing ecosystem of Impact DAOs and Regenerative Communities sprouting over the world.
  • Continue supporting the tech tools.
  • Continue as a supporting role for the tech tools working group, bringing insights and creating the guides that help our collective onboard the tools.
  • Work with RegenEnterprise if I can be of value and if we can synergize into something productive. Or consider to be of support in some other way or through a different circle.
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Quality assessment, Randall. This is a great example for others to follow. Thank you for taking the time to write it up, let alone for all the work you’ve been doing!

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Role Self-Assessment for periods of September and October 2022

For the periods of September and October, I want to receive half the stipend for each month as I have dedicated limited time to my role responsibilities.


For the months of September and October I have the following contributions:

  • Created and launched a Minimum Viable version of the DBC Website:
  • Continued to support administering the Zoom account and facilitated Zoom support during our weekly DBC meetings.
  • Uploaded audio recordings to DBC Google Drive: Audio Recordings of DBC Meetings
  • Maintenance and improvements to DBC Forum:
    • Created new proposals category and tags for organizing and advancing DBC proposals.
    • Enabled new Board view to easily track proposals statuses: Proposals Board View
    • Enabled default view of forum to show list of Categories:
    • Managing posts to be in proper category and status for other people’s proposals.
    • Created new Meetings category to start logging links to meetings minutes and recordings directly on the forum for easier access: Meeting Minutes
  • Research and proposals on sociocracy governance using the forum:
  • Participated and contributed on DBC Hatchers Membership working group to refine our membership definitions and framework for onboarding extended nomad community.

Opportunities for improvement:

  • Be proactive on important events that may need dedicated tech assistance like EarthWaking Hot Seat.
  • Gather with interested parties for coordinating the Social Media strategy and campaign as it is pending to start properly with Arturo and Fernanda.

What I will be working on for next period:

Continue improvement of DBC website along with Anastasios and Danibelle.
Continue to participate in the DBC Hatchers WG to evolve our membership definitions.
Bring more agreements proposals to fine tune the processes of DBC Role proposals and stipend claim.
Start working on Social Media and use of Youtube channel along with Arturo and Fernanda.

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