Process: Stipend claim process

Title: Stipend claim process

Evaluation date or frequency

3 months

Who is accountable

DBC remunerated contributors to follow the process.
Funds and Admin circle to manage the funds and stipends.


We have people contributing value to the DBC and have made role agreements to receive a stipend. At the moment there is no clear process of accountability and we want the funds to reach the people that are contributing value and to also celebrate the accomplishments of our community .
We need a process that allows for role holders to report on the contributed value and claim the stipend, and for the Funds and Admin circle to have clarity on who is contributing value and responding to the role agreements.


For people that have a role with an agreed stipend, to claim the stipend for the current month, the role holder must:

  • Find her/his role proposal on the DBC forum, and post a reply.
  • The reply must include a statement of the claim to receive stipend for the given month.
  • Add a statement with a simple justification why the person is entitled to the stipend or provide a self assessment of how well you have carried the responsibilities of the role.
  • If applies, provide photos or links to documents that reveal some or most of the persons contribution for the given period.
  • The person must find her/his accountability buddy and kindly request to reply to the self assessment indicating if she/he vouches for the contributions of the role holder.
  • After receiving the vouch of the accountability buddy, share the link to the self-assessment to a responsible member of Funding and Admin Circle.
  • The Funding and Admin circle will review that the process is followed accordingly and provide a consent or objection to the person receiving the stipend.

Examples 1:

“For the month of September, I want to receive my stipend per my contributions to the DBC.
In accordance to my role, I have been present in the land node and contributed with many tasks including: receiving of visitors, maintenance of syntropic lines, many hours of bamboo building work, kitchen work”

Example 2:

"I want to receive my stipend for the month of September per my contributions.

For my role of XXXX I have:

  • Coordinated and facilitated meetings and tasks around XXX circle.
  • Helped develop XXX policy for the circle
  • Contributed to the following circle guidelines:
    • doc1
    • doc2
  • Managed the budget for the circle: link to budget sheet
  • Many hours of logistics coordination for xxx event.

Intended Outcome:

That the DBC can see with clarity and transparency the people that are providing value and honor and celebrate their contributions.
That the role holders can follow a clear process that allows to claim the stipend they deserve and with minimum friction with the process.
That people that check on the Forum can see posts from many people with a glimpse of the value we create collectively.


Count of role holders effectively following the process for a period.
Count of role holders effectively receiving the stipend.

Evaluation Criteria:

For the role holders:

Are you able to follow the process without issues?
Do you feel invited to share about your contributions in the forum?
Are you feeling supported and valued for your contributions?
Are you receiving your stipend in a timely manner after doing your part of the process?

For FAC stewards:

Is the relevant information regarding roles and claims easy to find in the forum?
Is this policy making it easier to track stipend claims or creating unnecesary administrative burden?
Do you feel the intended outcomes are being met and are having a positive impact on the DBC?


Proposal consented on date:
Consented by:


Hola - Notes Here:

  1. Lets keep the “stipend” word instead of 'remunerated?
  2. Good Bullet points - Needs a Timeframe - Is accountability Weekly? bi-monthly? Monthly?
  3. will this be possible / plausible for our deep on the ground crew? AKA - I can see some don’t touch the forum now. Some don’t have a computer even. Do we provide a Computer at a place, with Wifi, so anyone can / has to come update their Assessments?
  4. Good examples - I think could be more detailed.
  5. Under “Metrics” - What is “a Period” needs defined likely per role, and per the length of time one has been participating?
  6. I think this is good enough for now, safe enough to try. I imagine we will need Champions of the process, especially at the beginning. We will need to really push this, and support this for at least 3 months? to evaluate and adapt.

Thank you Randall!


I see several prerequisites to this process that may not be ready for inclusion in the initial process:

  • Does everyone with an approved role proposal that is receiving stipends have it posted in the forum?
  • Do members with approved role proposals have accountability buddies? If this is a requirement to the process then role proposals need to identify who the accountability buddy will be that accepts this responsibility for the member.
  • Where will the member share that link transparently to the FAC for providing consent/objection?

I would like to suggest that for paying the stipends for the month of October that we post our backup here and anyone with an or clarifying questions can respond. I will take responsibility for not moving this forward in the most efficient and spacious timing. We have people depending on getting their stipends for paying their bills that are past due. Thank you for your patience while I get myself back in congruence within all of my roles.

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The 1st picture is the milestones for this month. And the second picture is my rather negative self assessment. Ive been working very hard… and i need to return to working smarter.

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I’m okay with using this post for October - nice share @Tim !

Interim Claim Process on the Process thread… good enough for now, and what can we do to help the process be approved and implemented?

  1. I offer my support to “Growth Buddies” in the form of 1 hour sessions to coach on writing updates/tracking contributions and using the forum, with use of a computer to do so. I will do 3 of these a month (2 people per session) for Nov, Dec, and Jan.

Ideally buddies will team up 1 person who doesn’t have tech skills or tools with someone who does, so you won’t need the coaching or my computer after a few sessions, and can then pay forward what you received to new people taking on roles in the future.

  1. Coordinate with @Anastasios to get a space and computer set up at The Togethering Place for other coaching/coordination sessions to be scheduled on the Togethering Calendar… we’ve talked about this, let’s see what we can do to have a calendar and space up by end of November.
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I suggest this should be once a month to not overburden people with the process. I consider this should not be meant as a method of control but to sense and respond to the evolution and opportunities of the contributors.

Still contributors are encouraged to seek advice and orientation whenever feel unsure how to contribute or what to do next.

Elaborating on the Growth Buddies Session:

  • A Growth Buddy Session is a safe space between a role holder and his/her Growth Buddy where both have a brief conversation and reflect on the role holder’s contributions, challenges, lessons and opportunities of the role holder.
  • This can be used as an opportunity to provide peer feedback, and orient the role holder on what is making positive impact and what are opportunities of growth for his/her self-development and impact on the collective.
  • Feedback is meant to be non-judgmental and given in a spirit of open exploration, love, acceptance and connection. Efficient feedback facilitates growth and enables people to align what the organization needs with what energizes them. The conversation can extend to include a wider exploration of the person’s hopes, fears and sense of purpose in life.
  • In a Growth Buddy session, the role holder is encouraged to be responsible for his/her own process of self–awareness and personal development.
  • Then a summary and enumeration of important contributions are written by the role holder and posted on the forum.

Adaptation inspired by:
Reinventing Organizations Wiki - Feedback and Performance Management
Reinventing Organizations Wiki - Wholeness

Some possible reflections for Growth Buddy session:

  • What did you accomplish that gave you the most pleasure
  • What is the most important blockage that is an obstacle to the most impact you could create from your role position.
  • To what DBC mission you feel more aligned and motivated to contribute to.
  • Do you feel in tune with your life purpose as you participate in the DBC.
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