DeWork for tasks coordination within the DBC

What is DeWork?

DeWork is a platform supported by web3 technologies that allows for Decentralized Organizations to coordinate tasks and projects and optionally compensate contributors with rewards.

It also allows users to find other organizations that are open to receive contributors through their open tasks.

DeWork uses the principles of a Kanban board to track the progression of tasks towards completion.

Getting Started


If on the computer, use a browser with the Metamask extension installed and setup. If your browser and Metamask extension are not configured, follow separate guide for Metamask configuration.
If on iPhone, install the Metamask app following here.
If on Android, install the Metamask app following here

Direct access link to our spaces

Use the following links to access our collaboration spaces directly.
Diamante Bridge Collective Dework Space:
Diamante Luz Dework Space:

You can start exploring our spaces and apply for open tasks. If you want to create your own tasks, reach out to the Circle Leads or Admin Team to receive permission to create your own tasks.

Entering the collaboration space from your cell phone

  1. Copy the direct access link from previous section.
  2. Open Metamask app
  3. Tap on top to select the network, and choose Gnosis Blockchain (Gnosis and xDAI network are the same network), if you don’t see this network, you need to add Gnosis blockchain to your Metamask. Ethereum network is acceptable, but DBC will distribute the rewards through Gnosis Blockchain so Gnosis is preferred.
  4. Tap on Metamask menu (top left) and then Browser. Paste the direct access link to enter the space.
  5. On the top right corner tap on “Connect”. Metamask will prompt you to authorize the connection.
  6. Congratulations !! You can now browse and apply for open tasks on our collaboration space.

Finding and applying for open tasks

  1. On the DBC Overview space, scroll down to find the sub spaces. Each sub space shows the amount of open tasks. Tap on the circle/sub space of your interest to explore the tasks board.
  2. Optionally scroll further down to find all open tasks from all spaces.

Tasks permissions (who can apply/work)

Use the task icons as guide to understand who can apply for the task.

"Assign someone": the user that creates the task or other space steward has to select the specific user or users that will work the task.
"Open to applications": means any user on Dework can apply for the task, where the application must then be approved by the task reviewer. The task manager can optionally restrict to applicants that have specific Discord roles.
"Multiple submissions": the task can have many users assigned and submit the work. The reviewer accepts one or more submissions.
"Direct claiming": means you have Discord connected and you have been assigned a trusted role through Discord.

Note: If you want to be assigned a trusted role to apply for “Direct claiming” tasks, reach out to the Circle Lead or Tech Admin team to have you added. Also request permission if you want to create tasks specially if you are coordinating any project.

Explore the Circle Boards

Task stages

Backlog / To Do

The task is pending to have people assigned, or the people assigned have not started the work. To Do is for tasks that have an intention to start soon. Backlog tasks can wait.

In progress

Drag/Move the task to In Progress to indicate the assignees are working on the task.

In Review

After the asignees have finished the task, it has to be moved to In Review, pending to be approved by the task reviewer.


After the reviewer gives the approval, it is moved to Done. Optionally if the task included a bounty, the bounty will be distributed to the collaborators of the task.

How DBC uses Dework

Here we will elaborate on further agreements on how we use Dework for our collaboration.

Experiment/idea: A DBC circle (lead, admin, project champions or stewards) holds a short weekly stand up meeting. Virtual or presential. Suggested to be done on Mondays. To review the Dework board. Plan tasks to be done, approvals, blockages, and move to completion. Meetings should be 30min or less.


DeWork Documentation

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