APPROVED: Glauco's Weekly Healing with Communication Training

Submitting this proposal to offer a healing/training program to the greater DBC community on behalf of Glauco, a founding member of the APDC, for your review and comment, and likely, enthusiasm!

In order to fulfill our purposes as a social welfare non-profit association, we have the opportunity to provide a service that is outlined in the APDC Constitution:

ARTICLE FOUR: For the fulfillment of its purposes, the Association will carry out, among others, the following activities:

To propitiate the support of State institutions, cooperative and/or communal institutions for the best development of its activities.

  1. Talks, programs, training, healing and integral learning centers, volunteering, seminars, congresses, meetings, conviviums, alliances.

Glauco seeks a work visa through the DBC in order to volunteer teaching his area of mastery…
Please read the attached proposal and comment - we will review at a Wednesday Circle next!

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Yes please. This sounds amazing to me I think it would be great to have someone like glauco come and guide us. And if he is happy to do this for the visa and we can share some meals with him and donations if we can open this to the greater community I think it would be sustainable for us all to participate.

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This proposal was approved in December 2022, and has been scheduled to start on January 11th as the launch of our DBC Second Wednesdays Workshop Series.

Kickoff Event Listing here: