WITHDRAWN: Land Node Request for Association Membership

The DBC’s Board of Trustees has received a request from a local land node to associate with the Collective!

Esteemed elders in the community Randy and Desiree have been stewarding the land at entrance of Fuente Verde in the Diamante Valley known as “Caminando El Sendero Natural”, with “Abundant Eden” as a sub-node contained therein.

Please review and comment, this proposal has already been reviewed by the APDC Board. Land Stewardship Circle is working to complete any modifications to the agreement this week and move forward into the fund allocation and raising.

CESN / AE Land Node Affiliation Agreement.

I’ve added a number of comments to the draft doc linked above. I don’t understand how this has been “approved” so far and by whom? What about all the unanswered comments and questions? Let alone my own new ones, there are several unanswered concerns in the document that were left by people who are on the board of directors, as well as the land stewardship circle. Are we just bypassing these?

I have full respect for Randy and Desiree, but this proposal isn’t yet something I’d like to see other prospective land nodes copy, mildly edit, and consider good enough to present. In my opinion, taking on co-stewardship of someone else’s property is an arrangement that is best not left so vague. I’ve already seen differences in interpretation by a few different people. I don’t find that to be a good sign.

This proposal has been withdrawn, CESN no longer seeks affiliation with APDC as it was presented.

Please note that a new agreement is being drafted for CESN to be acquired into a separate legal entity that may request affiliation under different terms at a later date.

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