Travis Land Stewardship representative stipend rerequest for august

Its a long and frustrating story. 6 planets in reteograde. September 22nd (Happy equinox) and travis hasnt received an approved partial stipend for august. The following report was passed onto tim sept 6th, and to my fault and techno barriers, not onto more concerned parties.

As one might imagine, my ability to continue in inspired service has decreased for basic needs being at risk ( housing/ food/ etc…)

In addition to the money papers, im requesting clarity regarding the specifics behind the delay in payment. Specifically who and what objected??

Its my perspective that my 3 years of unmatched demonstrated trust and service aren’t being valued.

Travis Service Log August
Land Stewardship Representative
Greetings Familia. This month, as i ́ve mentioned has been unusually exceptional. I focused more on
“external” connections, as i had been experiencing burn-out and the feeling to rest a bit from the
beautiful intensity of Dluz. This aligned nicely with the reduced budget for hired tico workers. Next
month will be more refocused on the existing nodes.
Working forward from here, i will be more attentive to logging the dates, as i feel this/these “Service
Logs” are highly important and valuable.
2 hours- Proposal work with Emily (and later Tien)
1hour- With Emily revising Land Steward Circle Objectives
2 hours total with Juanpa in checkins and planning
1hour farm visit/ consultation with Aylon and Forest
.5hour – Consult and document share with Jacob regarding his and Mike McGinnesss projects
1hr - Jananda Visit and check in
1.5hrs – Tree pruning and check-in with Desiree at abundant eden
2 hours- Visit with Lukas about funding potentials for Travis and scholarships
5 hours- Farm visits with Zeno Goldsmith
1hour- coordination with Marie to get footage from monthlong immersion to create funding story
1 hour Check in with Randall and Jason re: upcoming Conference and Randalls service
2 hours- small and meaningful connections and planning with Ara / Forest
3 hours – visit and consult trade with Earthwaking Village
3 hours- Chop and Drop at EcoMaste
3 hours- Consultaions and guided work with Richie
1 hour- Document Upgrade for “Growing in the Shade” … needing 1 hour more to translate
2 hours- Prep and Facilitation of DBC LSC meeting
• 3 hours plus 2 Days
◦ Free the Food Chimirol
◦ preperations and onsite support
• 1.5 days Nursery sale and delivery to chirripo that included:
◦ connecting with Diane re:
◦ Simon and Vyola about community Garden and Syntropic workshop series
◦ contact with Francisco Grau and…awaiting

35 hours + 3.5 days