SOUND OFF: What does SUCCESS look like for Diamante Bridge Collective in 3-5 years?

I’ve heard food, I’ve heard school, I’ve heard independence.

What do you think success looks like for our family in the next few years?



I know I’m not there right now, but this few months at Sat Yoga has only clarified what the Diamante community means to me, besides my son Seanny Ray and Rivka being there. I always saw a meditation/healing center as the purpose of my involvement, and plan to build one when I return. Success would be seeing that through.


I had a great Download with LaLa. Thank you for the work to concisely bring organic answers. Let me know if you need more LaLa! !Praise @LaLa

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Hi y’all! Forest Soleil here. I was very involved in the Bridge a year ago but have taken some time away to grow, birth and nest my child. =)

From my perspective, success looks like:

  • a group of healthy (purity of mind, body, spirit in balance) individuals passionately inspired and encouraged to share their natural gifts with their community
  • Streamlined systems for onboarding and offboarding members, plugging people into their passions and encouraging growth and development
  • Personal and collective growth toward common goals
  • Renewable/regenerative systems in place working for the people by the people
  • Consuming all local, all organic foods & clean water from the collectively stewarded land
  • Actualizing financial abundance for development & maintenance of all circles, working groups, and community structures and resources

Elemental soverignty for all matter, spirit, energies and living beings on Earth :heart:

Thank you all so much! This is so helpful! :heart_eyes:

Amazing - Thank you Forest!