Smiling Fork Consult Offer

Diamante Bridge Collective

Proposal Champion: Wendy

Proposal Status: This is a first draft, open to revision

Governing Circle:?

Wendy Crews, founder of Smiling fork Farm to Table

consulting, classes and designing about food growing, indoor and out, preservation, plant based eating, and sustainable living skills

Statement of Proposal:

I offer my knowledge, skills and support in whatever way I can to the members of the Diamonte Bridge Collective, prioritizing the core founding members, for 1 year, 6 hours a month, virtual or in person, to be scheduled minimum 2 weeks in advance.

Expected Outcomes: I am not asking for anything in return, it is a gift. If anyone wanted to recommend me, I would be grateful. If I received referral places to post my services worldwide, that would be helpful too.

Terms of this Agreement

How long is this agreement in effect, and what happens at the end?

One year from June 1, 2022, after which upon reflection and assessment of how it went, may possibly be revised and likely be extended another year

How much is being requested, how will payments be administered?

No money is being requested.

When will evaluations be performed, revisions approved, and by whom?

I will do my own experience evaluation and the DBC may do their own if desired.


This is amazing wendy Thank you so much for the offer!!