Role: Utility Player/ Circle Admin Role - David Clegg

My current impression is that this proposal seems to be identifying two different roles, and both of them are too vaguely defined. In creating Role Proposals, I think it’s important to define specific deliverables that achieve clearly defined goals.

I think I understand where you are going with this and that the role could hold value, but this description of it doesn’t give me much confidence that there is anything that can be tracked or communicated to someone else in the future that might need to step up and fill this role if you decide that you need to step down at some point.

If you’d like help clarifying it, I’d be willing to jump on a call with you and ask clarifying questions that might lead to a more robust and definable proposal.

All of these points make sense and I’m happy you have offered to assist me with my proposal. Look forward to chatting today at 5