Role: Two new stewardship roles - draft proposals for advice process


Hello all, we have two new proposals for Stewardship roles which will be responsible for rent, repairs and management of both the Casita and the Togethering Space.

These roles are urgent to define as we are in the process of switching from centralized rental management to passing out these responsibilities within the community. They are also necessary to stay on top of a variety of maintenance concerns that are popping up within the Community Abues area.

We want your feedback PLEASE <3

Infinite love from Team LalaFree (Lala & Jeffree)

Proposal for Casita Steward:

Proposal for Togethering Steward:

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These two documents are named differently but have the same text in the body. Can you please look at this and revise? Thanks!

Thank you Lala and Jeffree for putting forth the proposal(s), although as Tim stated - these two are really the same, Casita is an exact copy of the Togethering Place.

I’ve been reflecting deeply on this, and (partly due to the current state of our economy) my perspective is that it’s time to make some more difficult prioritization decisions on use of funds and spaces based on what activities will have the greatest long-term impact on the health of the Collective as a whole.

While I of course can see us reaching the place where individuals become sustainable for caretaking spaces like the Togethering Place and the Casita, present reality is that we aren’t there yet.

From my view - as the individual who has been renting both of these spaces and paying for it personally (not from DBC funds), the value comes from providing short-term housing to people that are working toward holding key roles in building out our infrastructure either physically with on-the-ground projects and regular well-being programs, or virtually with our online presence and communications.

I think we need to take a deeper look at what is most needed by the community as a whole to increase the regenerativity of the Collective, and how we can use what we’ve got to deliver on that in the coming months.

I would like to see some options presented, how can people that want to take on roles as Stewards of the DBC be placed in spaces that we aren’t renting to reduce the outflow of cash? These two places could be rented nightly/weekly by visitors to the community coming to check us out to create more flow.

Lala, Jeffree, and Krista too, you have been showing up beautifully in service to the DBC and the “SanSa Triangle”! There is great opportunity on the immediate horizon for developing more tangible mutual benefit for your contributions to the Collective, and I do see that we can clarify that further and find the perfect fits for you each very soon.

And finally - This/these proposals are in the Land Stewardship Circle (LSC) domain. I’m working on a budget and goals for the LSC, and see that securing our land nodes, growing food, and creating homes on land that is in Trust is the 3-fold focus… I’ve been renting those 2 spaces for nearly 2 years with a goal of people who live on them - moving onto lands, and leaving the place better for the next new folks to the valley to ‘land’.

Can we keep working these proposals to bring more alignment to goals and vision on it please?
Thank you for hearing my position.