Role: TTP Stewardship - Anastasios

Initial draft proposal regarding my stepping into TTP stewardship role.
Feedback welcome! Thank you.

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Thank you for taking the initiative on this! Can you grant rights to comment on the document?

Hey all I’d like to see this proposal on the agenda this next Wednesday, it’s been up for 2 months with @Anastasios performing the tasks already while living there.

I’m hearing great ideas coming together and the schedule (mentioned in short term outcomes of the above proposal) of when the space will be used by whom for what is needed pronto :wink:

Role proposal was approved by Consent on 10/26/2022. Changing to Active Status.

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We have worked-out some numbers and come up with prices for the various rentals the DBC offers.

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Thanks @Anastasios !

Do you have a suggestion on how/where to track booking / occupancy of rooms?

I’m thinking some sort of Togethering Calendar is needed not only for lodging but also for activities … meetings and events, communal meals and closed / quiet times etc.