Role: Creative Graphics Communication proposal by Tsiru (María)

Hello community. Here is my role proposal.

In my opinion, the DBC hasn’t done the needed work, yet, to create and congeal relevant brand decisions, let alone brand assets, for us to be ready for this role.

Beyond that, the need for graphics work will be very sporadic, and it might be best to assign a payment arrangement that is based on the delivery of relevant needs, from month to month, rather than a fixed monthly stipend. Many months might go by when no new graphics are needed.

The foundational work for this role has been “begun” with the Creative Commons Telegram group, and the Branding Course that Lala took, by herself. To my understanding (and I could be underinformed), this course was completed without sufficient participation from other members of the collective. This is leaving us with little-to-no decisions having been made as to what we are trying to communicate ourselves as being, and to whom.

This proposal, as it’s written, might be premature.

La razón de la propuesta es porque fui llamada a llenar la necesidad expedita de producción gráfica y crear contenido visual para redes sociales (Danibelle y Travis), que según entiendo es o quiere ser una estrategia de divulgación de los proyectos de la comunidad, y que hay mucho material que no ha sido procesado o editado.
Con respecto al trabajo que Lala, desconozco totalmente el trabajo que realizó y cuales son sus avances. Recién vengo llegando.

The reason for the proposal is because I was called to fill the expedited need for graphic production and create visual content for social networks (Danibelle and Travis), which as I understand is or wants to be a strategy of disclosure of community projects, and that there is much material that has not been processed or edited.
Regarding Lala’s work, I am totally unaware of the work she did and what her progress is. I have just arrived.

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Okay, I understand that you were requested to fill the role.

However, I think that the proposal should list what specific deliverables you will be responsible for. In my experience with social media, if we don’t have a specific goal for what we want to communicate, to whom, and why, the majority of effort will be a general waste of energy and expense. Social media posting, without a clear purpose and “call to action” does not generally produce any measurable results. I don’t know that it’s in the collective’s highest budget interests to simply add to the immense amount of content noise that currently exists on the internet.

Defining a clear regenerative purpose of social media content creation is a necessary first step that should be invested into, before randomly giving the social media gods more food.

The work that Lala was doing was meant to clarify how we want to present ourselves, to whom, and for what purpose. Without that work completed this role will be hard to identify, in my opinion, as a regenerative choice.

I would like to follow up to say that, having now seen Tsiru’s portfolio, I find her to be very talented and an excellent choice for any graphic design needs that arise.

Perhaps, at this time, it will be better for her to create a price list of graphic types that she can create, to be approved on a need-by-need basis. Either that or an hourly rate that she can bill per project.

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