ReRequest for answering, communicating, including Lizbet in the recycling plans

I see Lizbet in my hood regularily… She asked me months back to please help stop garbage and recycling from being dropped off at her place. She was certain it was gringos. Elizabeth{Lizbet}, Eida, Yendry and Luz Marina have been the recycling team for SS for several years. Recycling was accepted in the past, but now has been move to another property uphill. Garbage was never accepted there. Garbage is now and still being left, I have photographed it, it is ugly. I posted at that time in the SS English chat{BC now there is a SS Spanish chat}and the DBC Community chat.I relayed to her that there was a recycling project underway, that would only accept plastics as Forest told me early in there discussions. and reminded Forest at that time she was awaiting to hear from someone. I assured her I would get her included in the conversation. I understand the conversation has developed and included Holos. When can these women and the others be included? I see her regularily and feel dissapointed that she should still be waiting. Thank you for this forum and all your attention.

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