Request for word/imagery savvy assistance for website

Hello family.

Please check on the website as currently stands:

This is a request for people that may want to contribute to create more sections for the website and its contents.
Next section I am thinking:
Our Structure
This will elaborate and provide links to our agreements, and diagrams of our circle structure, how we incorporate Sociocracy, Permaculture and others. Allusive photos of how we work and our people too.

The request is for any people that want to create a document to collaborate collectively, and then I will copy this into the website with proper structure.

Looking for volunteers


Oh wow this is great news!

I’d like to build this into a mentorship season, I’m happy to work on it with someone who:

  • has the word/imagery capability already
  • has their own computer and other digital tools
  • wants to learn about the DBC by applying the content that I can elaborate

Do you think we need someone who is local?
Can it be a virtual support from someone who has been here before and wants to come back?
Or someone who is planning to come in the future and can do this virtually as remote contribution?

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