Regen-Enterprise Circle Lead Proposal

I Lukas Hosford, aspiring member of the Diamante Bridge Collective, hereby propose myself as lead of the regenerative enterprise circle.

Since getting involved with the community, the commentary I hear from many sides is that things aren’t getting done – at least not how we intend. Help often feels insufficient and our highest aspirations toward manifestation are not coming about very quickly.

Aiming to make a journey across a bridge together:

On the shore behind us is a matrix of questionable commitments, made too-hopefully to hold back a whole lot of fear.

On the shore before us is a wholistic paradise of effortless coherence.

The bridge is a little rickety, we are trying to bring a lot of luggage with us, and the treacherous waters below us, the strong winds around us, all make our position on this passage precarious.

Presently, we still are without the structured commitments and resources to accomplish anything resembling sovereign self-sufficiency. Without sovereign self-sufficiency, we are always somewhat held back in our capacity to give time and energy to the community, to adapt to living fully in the alternative wholistic matrix (the future paradise, or so the elders rumor).

This is unfortunate because there is a whole lot of untapped opportunity surrounding us. We all know there are pro-bono works always waiting to be done, but there are also multiple potential ways in which we can engage in activities directly related to our eco-restorative aspirations which also generate financial revenue and support individuals with hospitable working conditions. All this could sustain and empower us to function at a much higher level, with the support of the Ticos, in a community inspired by inter-dependence.

To cross the bridge and reach the paradise ahead, we will need to learn how to be steady and navigate through the difficulties with patience and resilience. It may require us to let go of some of the baggage we are carrying, such as fear and doubt.

Fear and doubt can be dispelled temporarily through comfort and distraction, but they are more permanently overcome through focus and confrontation with challenge.

Many people fear public speaking, but in my many trainings, I have found that all the stress associated with time pressured pitches and being evaluated can have the effect to focus us, helping make us more articulate, persuasive, perceptive, and discerning.

Reading and writing are still not seriously practiced by the bulk of the population, but they are an inherently more focused and precise form of communication. In my experience, reading and writing are crucial preparation for speaking at the highest levels of sophisticated conversation. The fact that script must be asynchronous between author and reader requires it to be intelligible and engaging independent of vocal intonation and facial expression. Cultures of reading and writing are consequently challenged to develop precise grammars and descriptions for designating what would otherwise be more easily implied – referenced shorthand.

For this reason, I offer myself as host and lead for a writer’s room of proposals and business plans. I offer my support creating pitch-decks to my peers. And I propose to convene a pitch ring of interested, engaged listeners wherever and whenever conditions are ripe to support the production of high-quality video reels for sharing our dreams across media platforms.

As enterprises whose business plans and pitch presentations were supported by this circle come online, they can be contractually designed to feed support and abundance back to the circle itself, in order that the circle continue to exist and dispose of plentiful resources for further talent incubation.

Besides offering a weekly writer’s retreat with editing services in the Luna Solterra Sanctuary, I also propose to curate one or more social media channels where meaningful participation/contribution is logged and compensated for with equity according to the nature of the projects.

A community of dedicated contributors who are invested in the success of the projects being developed is integral. Given how overstretched the human element in these times of crisis, I doubt the level of commitment we require will arise unless we make communication, coordination of operations, and shared-livelihood (financial or otherwise life-sustaining retribution) our priorities.


Thank you for offering of yourself in this way @lukasho.

I look forward to when the Circle unites again post-Envision to review and reset!

There are some amazing business incubation opportunities in development to share as well.