Proposal to create Wellbeing Circle DBC

Wellbeing Circle Proposal - Diamante Bridge Collective


The Wellbeing circle exists to create balance between mind, body and spirit. It aims to support community members to rise into full health with the structure of wellness activities and practices that ground and center us in vitality, contentment and love.

This includes practices around movement and the body, meditation and the mind, relationships and the heart.


The Wellbeing circle has a mission to help and encourage all members of the DBC and our community to Embody and experience optimal levels of Wellbeing. In order to do this we will form a Circle of Interested peoples who will be the catalyst to Programs, guidelines and tools all focused on supporting our community to embody a healthy lifestyle for the body, mind, soul and our mother earth.

The wellbeing circle holds this vision and aims to support the community in many ways

  • Healthy lifestyle, incorporating regular practices, hygiene awareness, environmental impact, zero-waste integration ect…
  • Implementing community building workshops, movement classes
  • Focus on Food as our Medicine
  • Mental Health awareness and support
  • Elderly care and Child Support (creating mutual mentorship programs and supporting families)
  • Providing spaces and tools to Facilitators, empowering them and the community members to embrace overall wellbeing into their lives
  • Issuing fair compensation to Facilitators, Caregivers and Venues hosting Wellbeing activities for the community
  • Supporting all peoples in the community to find and stand in the best version of themselves. Supporting those who need it to find their passions and provide education, tools and resources in order to take action and integrate to a supportive role in this community
  • Calling Wellbeing circles and communication circles regularly to clear and recharge our mission and purpose

Circle Members

President - Krista

Treasurer -

Chair member - Wendy

Chair member

Link 1 - Krista

Link 2

The Wellbeing circle will be formed with the vision to have a team dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of those taking care of the land and community. We will establish a council of members who will be responsible for requesting budgets, managing proposals, projects and budgets for all things health and wellness.

Once this circle is officially formed we will have the autonomy and resources to make decisions and take actions to further support the Wellbeing of this community. Decisions and monetary requests can be proposed and voted on by members of the Wellbeing circle before being brought to the general circles which will help improve the efficiency and ability to distribute resources and support to the community in general.

The wellbeing of our community encompasses many different things and desires of community members so this officially formed circle can also help support many other initiatives and proposals until which time there is enough momentum for them to create their own circles

Examples of this include

  • Parent and children support (children’s Village)
  • Food Processing Proposal
  • Resource Center

Once the formation of the Wellbeing Circle has been approved we will vote on chair members and continĂşe processes of asking for funds and making proposals and budgets for our community benefit.

Thank you all for your Time, Consideration and input in the forming of this Wellbeing Circle for the DBC. I love and honor you all.


I also want to clarify I have removed the section about the current budget proposal as it was only an example of something I would like to Champion through this circle, not a requirements of the circle itself being formed.

Quite a few people expressed to me today that a budget for facilitators and spaces are not a priority now to the DBC. I want to remind you all that we all have different priorities and Missions to uphold our vision of community. There are many Infastucture needs and logistics I agree are of priority to the collective but please do not underestimate the benefit of having established health and wellness programs accessable to community members. If not in the budget now it is something we need to consider for the near future. TBD. This in turn will help with Community moral and connectivity that will ultimately help support the land projects, once the peoples basic needs are met they will feel more free to contribute and Participate as a well functioning community member.

Happy healthy community members will stuck around longer and find ways to contribute!!

As one person who is giving much of their time and energy I can say that offering these Yoga classes has cost me more time and money than I have recieved back. Part of this is my resistance to charging more for these classes as I know many people who attend do not have the financial ability to pay what I would have to ask for to sustain myself with these offerings… I am looking to support community members in need not just to reach to those with deep pockets. My desire is that eventually on a community level, members can come for free to all such classes as one level of compesation towards their contributions to the community, while facilitators being compensated so they feel valued in being able to serve.

That being said I think holding these spaces and offering this to people is just as important as any other projects being offered so i will continĂşe to do so on my own time. I wish to be an example of what it takes to ask for what you need to be a contributing member of this community and I also want to show appreciation and acknowledment of any people willing to come and share their knowledge with us.

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