Proposal for the DBC Mommas and Children

Here is the original proposal as drafted by Travis, and presented by Phoenix:
Proposal for Funding: DBC Mommas and Children

Statement of Proposal:

5% of all general donations into the DBC are earmarked for the support of Mothers and Children, to be sociocratically decided by a Council of Women how it will best be allocated and distributed.

Context Description:

What is the current situation as it relates to the Vision and Mission of the Diamante Bridge Collective?

  1. Meeting everyone’s needs is core to the DBC vision, however mothers with children are often excluded from participating in meetings due to life circumstances, for example caring for children.
  2. Our collective has a significant number of single women raising children, and a growing number of families in general that are here and/or requesting to join with us.
  3. The mothers in particular are frequently unable to attend meetings where important topics are discussed. Even when in attendance the needs of the children often keep them from being able to participate fully, contribute meaningfully, or represent their own perspectives.

What positive change is needed in order to fulfill the Vision and MIssion?

Allocating 5 % of general donations to mothers would allow them to make more decisions about their lives, and offset imbalances in traditional patriarchal systems.

Driver for this Proposal:

What is being requested to address the Context?

  1. The care work that women have been doing for generations has been undervalued by current economic systems and we are working to create a more just and equitable flow of resources in the development of DBC initiatives.
  2. Raising up the voices of women so long silenced in these participation-based systems and empowering them to make decisions of their own on how to financially address their challenges is just one small step we can take with 5% of the DBC funding pool.
  3. The women and mothers in the collective are already regularly meeting to support each other best as they can… with the passing of this proposal they can move on to the “sociocratic formalization” of a Women’s Council (Consejo de Mujeres) that has the resources to address their needs in order to be more active in guiding the future of the Collective.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Short-term Expectations

a. The creation and formalization of a sociocratic Women’s Circle
b. The restoration of faith and hope in the women and especially mothers who are being left out/left behind as the Collective grows
c. The empowerment of women in the community to express their needs, and be able to meet them without begging for help

  1. Mid-term Expectations

a. Increased participation in governance and guidance by the women
b. Greater focus on the inclusion of children and of the mothers wellbeing
c. Money distributed to moms and its use tracked.

  1. Long-term Expectations

a. A powerful circle of women working together to alleviate the burdens of traditional motherhood and childrearing
b. A more healthy and balanced representation of membership at decision-making tables that includes mothers, and children too
c. Most likely, better decisions and greater success as a Collective for having empowered female leadership unhindered by challenges easily overcome with a little bit of resources and the space for creative solutioning.
d. Happier moms, children, and humanity

Thank you for reading, and replying here with your public comments.

There has been a lot of discussion in meetings, I’ll add some links to meeting notes when I have a bit more time - in the meantime please let’s formulate a clear opinion, ask kind questions, and speak in this public format with compassion to seek understanding WHILE working to surface objections and work through them together!


Hello family,

I am happy to see this proposal like single mom who is mostly participate on the meetings and work, I will be super happy to see and create something together with other moms.

I would like to share my confusion. Because at other telegram chat was this proposal presented different by Wendy. And I saw text like: this help will be just for 3 moms and I didn’t feel it right. But I can not see it here, so probably it will come with other proposal.

So yes, this I feel really nice and looking forward to create something beautiful with more moms and children’s :slight_smile:


I once again highly suggested the discussion with lifeschool in ojochal as a template, and will invite my neighbor atop fuente verde sam ocean , who had started a discussion with lifescool allready about becoming a node for her child of 7yrs+our village needs soon for their futures on this side of the valley… there had been one trial run where ecomaste resides now when we first bought, and moved to another site


The other homesite had its trials of its experiment in keeping the competent teachers housed, and giving the home enuf personal space between incoming others, and attendance of agegroups

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I also know that la ecovilla had been another model to grow from, but recently saw them looking fir the grounded and competant teacher to run such carriculims over time (minimize turnover of teachers with hiring less newcomers still yet to know the terrain and expectations)with elder grounding fir kids to gain trust and continuum…and confidence into their carriculums for learning effectively in their evolutions.

Which brings up the other aspects of the counceling all folks could enjoy in the transplanting from other countries and cultures…
An effective orientation and congruence of environments really helps for kids experiencing constant changes in places and faces… just my observations from years of watching families landing with the biwilderments of our tropical wonderlands in the grand growing adventures and my own training in early childhood developement teachings…

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It says decisions shall be decided by women, I think it should be moms not necessarily women. Are women recieving money? or just mamas?
The women and mothers are already meeting regularily? news to me. I have no objections to this proposal. I might suggest more than 5%. Another proposal specifically for Sara, Karina and Kristel would feel justified.

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I agree with Wendy that this funding might be more efficiently focused on mothers than the broader population of women. Furthermore, I’d like to pose the question: Would it be reasonable to redesign this to support single parents of any gender. Pigeon-holing single parents needing support to only be women may be limiting.

I would also like to propose that the proposal includes funding to pay for child-care during the weekly Wednesday meetings so that more parents can attend.


I know a few people in the community have shown alot of Interest in working with kids. Maybe they can be enlisted so we can have a deditcated babysitter to help entertain them during meetings and events Like root camp to ensure the kids are having fun and the parents can engage.

I spoke to one mom today who is Interested in getting involved and voiced childcare would really help to make this happen. I have also offered her to be a link to the meetings if she wants get involved but doesnt feel Like they have the time to come to meetings. I can extend that offer to other families also. Someone being a link for the Tico families would also be helpful.

I can also offer a weekly pick up coming from Tinamaste on work days and meeting days for families or other people without transport to help every one get here that wants to be here.

Thank ful for all these amazing ideas and engagement

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I think this Proposal would be well-served for refreshment within the Wellbeing Circle as it fits into the domain of caring for each other and allocating resources to help those who have obstacles to access.

Maybe we close this and bring it back in a new form?


I resonate with your suggestion.

I would like to add that I nominate Alan to take over championing this proposal, and perhaps pick his admin who will help with creating refreshed proposal representing families of our community and their COLLECTIVE voice.

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I love that this proposal is here and moving forward. I have a few questions…

  1. Where did the 5% come from? Is there a budget need? Has the mom’s participated in this proposal with specific needs that can be looked at on an energetic and money basis for more clarity? I just don’t know… Was this just a nice sounding round number?
  2. I would like to see this number addressed on a month then 3 month review - like everything we have done so far. AKA - How do we reassess and move with agility?
  3. When and where are the mom’s meeting regularly? How many moms / parents have had input on this?