Proposal and Project Process Documentation

Hola dear collective,

here is, finally :), the promised document Danibelle, Krista, Lala and I have put together with intentions to map out our internal processes around proposing and creating projects.

Now it is ready for your eyes, comments, questions, insights.

Proposal and Project Process is a complex living document that is meant to break down individual steps and teach you how to request your needs to be met in sociocratic way within DBC.

The process is building on sociocracy and inspiration from DAO’s.

You can find the documment here: (please COMMENT only)

1st draft of Proposal and Project Process


Amazing Nicola! Thanks so much for all your work on this! Love it!


I added a few comments, but it comes across as very well laid out. Great job!

It may be worth a revisit after someone takes some time to move existing projects into asana. The process could bring some light to a step or two that could get further hashed out in the doc. I’m not sure, but I imagine it might.


Thank soul much to everyone who commented, read it, liked it…We have still one more day for this version to get some more attention!


Yay your first post on the forum @NikolaCreatrix - I see you have been busy here!

Thank you all for your hard work to unravel the mysteries, identify the information gaps, and produce a comprehensive document that is an epic start on the overall process for delivering on the vision and mission of the DBC/APDC.

I’ve made my comments in the doc, as they are primarily format and layout suggestions with a few grammatical edits.

Reviving this topic for a few reasons!

1.) as a resource for those unfamiliar with our Sociocratic Proposal Process (and refresher for us who are but hey, 10 months, a lot changes!)


2.) and something that now needs a new Steward going forward; it will soon be time for assessment and revisions to the process and templates :slight_smile:

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