Project: Root Camp Jan 2023

Hello lovely family. Please check on the proposal so it gets ready to be consented by DBC for action.

Please reply here on the forum for any clarifying questions/answers or any plausible objections before it is presented on DBC meeting.

Root Camp Proposal Jan 9 to 18
Arrive Sunday Jan 8 to be ready for start of day HOL Jan 9.

To Bring people to the Land for 10 days to live with us, be in service and connection to the land, help bring a bamboo project to life, learn about community life and community building practices, experience celebration and family gatherings together.

For this first Root Camp we will build the foundation of the Rancho and anyone who comes to Root camp with us can make a proposal to join a volunteer or mentorship program with a D Luz steward and help see the project through to completion. There will also be another Root Camp planned where people can come to learn about the Bri Bri thatch roofing style as we complete the Rancho!

Proposal Details: Root Camp Proposal Jan 9 to 18

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Here is the new planning document for Root Camp from Krista.

Please review and comment!