Policy: Calendar Coordination


There are many happenings every week organized or supported by our decentralized collective and its members. Events that need support on receiving promotion, and pair them with possible supporters that need to be aware of the events.
We need a place to stay updated on DBC events and a team of stewards to help coordinate what goes into the calendar and to announce it on our digital channels.


Hospitality Working Group


Use of the DBC’s website calendar (diamantebridge.org/events) as a source and repository of the events the DBC is organizing and/or supporting.
DBC website calendar to be updated and coordinated through DBC Coordination group under Calendar Coordination topic.
Requests of other DBC stewards/coordinators events to be added to the calendar should be done through the DBC Coordinations group Calendar Coordination topic (or alternatively through form?)
Hospitaligy WG stewards to coordinate and check that the calendar is updated on Sunday.
Follow “Process: Weekly Events Publication” for process on publishing of events.

Evaluation criteria:

Are DBC coordinators and stewards able to follow a process that allows to be supported and promoted by DBC?
Are DBC supporters able to keep up with important events, where/when to find them and how to support?
Is the responsible team able to follow the process with ease?
Are the relevant events making it to the Calendar?

Next Review:

1 months after agreement


Link to “Process: Weekly Events Publication”

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