New VP for APDC Board of Directors

Hello Bridge Fam, it’s been a while!

While we haven’t been meeting regularly this year, we have been learning from the past and growing as individuals, as neighbors, and as a community.

One of the things we realized through efforts to set up the bank account and generate new funding streams is that some of our Board members are still not the best fit for the roles.

We had a Board meeting this week to receive the resignation of our current Vice President, Tim Brahier. Tim has faithfully upheld the responsibility to the best of his abilities and we are so grateful for his service! However we also recognize the need to have a person in this role that can operate within the local legal system as a citizen of Costa Rica.

To that end, it brings me great pleasure to nominate Randall Saborio for Vice President of the Board for the Asociacion Puente Diamante Colectiva!

Randall has consistently demonstrated his skills, dedication and capacity to serve the APDC in a variety of ways over the years. From technical support in configuring and maintaining our digital systems to teaching workshops and training team members in sociocracy and putting forth proposals to improve our processes, to representing the APDC in collaborations with Giveth for fundraising and in the formation of the ReFi Costa Rica organization, Randall is an all star contributor and keeps the Collective’s engine running.

The Board, consisting of myself, Tim, Phoenix, Travis, Zander, and Jananda unanimously support this nomination and we now bring it to you, the full membership, for your opinions, support and of course, to surface any concerns that there may be with this proposal.

This year our Annual Meeting will be held digitally! We hope you can attend the Zoom call and vote on this and other proposals with us on December 20th to exercise your voice as an active member of the APDC / Diamante Bridge Collective.

With this post the proposal is now open for your reflections, comments, alternate nominations and other advice.


I support Randalls nomination.