Nakoola needs help

Nakula, son of Rasa, is an individual in our local family who while high functioning and partly independant, seriously needs help. . Rasa is the only human on the planet that takes responsibility for him. My friend Ryan in Tinamaste is his best friend, possibly his only. Ryan is preparing to be gone two months. Rasa is gone to Chirripo to work for the Llama, she will be the caretaker of the retreat center being built and plans to take both her boys there. Nakula does not have a phone now. I sense a social attitude that when a person is {messed up}, there is a social abandonment, or attitude that {someone else} must take care of that person. This is a Mamas and babies issue again. Can a proposal be made specifically for an individual in the family? Is anyone interested in this besides me?
This from Rasa
: Nakula
: Autism with PTSD is one of his many diagnosis
: He is without any government assistance or help from relatives
He is in need of therapies
: At this time we are about to start him on microdosing with :mushroom:
: And he is working with Alexis Costello in Alfombra
: He needs visitation and friendship
[1:00 pm, 23/01/2022] Rasa: With ppl who can relate and be helpful guidance
Rasa: He is unable to keep a schedule and work
Rasa: He feels very lonely and longs for friendship
: Ryan has been his only friend
: Sometimes he is in better condition than others
: More coherent
: Right now his PTSD and paranoia is making his life hard
: And he is isolating
Any possible visitors
: Volunteers that cld see him on a some what regular basis
: To just offer genuine friendship and understanding wld be helpful
: He is a warrior spirit
: Likes throwing knives and hatchets etc
: Knows martial arts
: Likes to impress ppl with his skills
: Autism makes it sometimes hard to empathize with others
: He is very into his own world and feelings and likes to talk abt himself
: He has a good heart
: Feel free to ask any other questions
: Ppl get afraid of him when he is in paranoia bcs he has machete
Bit right now he gave up carrying any potential weapons .He has never hurt any one
: But ppl sometimes are afraid of him with the paranoia
: He cld benefit from community, support emotionally and financially
: I am his sole support financially

Thanks for this place to talk. Thank you for participating.