Media Team Working Group Proposal - Editing Budget Request

Hey all! We will be opening the Media Working Group to VIDEO REQUESTS from Feb 18 - Feb 26 so if you have something you want captured and edited for content or other future media use please text Lala 506 8944 1405 to schedule something.

We are requesting a small budget for the editing process of all footage that has been captured since Nov. The proposal is below:


Hi media team, hope all worked out just awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation: Is there any update on this proposal?

I think I saw a request for the Media Working Group to meet this week, any update @lala or @Jack ?

I’ve edited the category on this to the Funding & Administration Circle for now.
In the future I can see this being designed to become a Regenerative Enterprise and would welcome more discussion on how to make that a reality and move the project to that Circle’s domain.

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Met with Marie and jack to prep documenting and editing the buen vivir immersion

Maries leading and has the outline

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