Health and Wellness Proposal

Diamante Bridge Collective

Proposal Champion:Krista

Proposal Status: Draft

Governing Council: Krista, Lala, Jacob

Advice Process Location: [Link to Meeting Notes]

Health and Wellness Proposal

3rd January, 2022

Statement of Proposal:

Health and Wellness is a crucial aspect of community on a macro scale as well as serving each individual person’s healing journey. I have created a 3 stage proposal to sufficiently meet some of our immediate needs to help support our community in coming together and efficiently navigating our healing journeys, bringing regular practices and tools to support us all.

  1. Tools for healing practices - Yoga mats, blocks, silks, punching bag
  2. Build a Yoga Shala/ Temple Space on Diamante Luz Land
  3. Implementing a DBC membership program, or Participation Tokens that can be used in exchange for community members to receive free Health Practices and tools funded by the DBC

Context Description:

  1. What is the current situation as it relates to the Vision and Mission of the Diamante Bridge Collective?

Currently the DBC has no official or consistent Health or Wellness practices for the community. It is of utmost importance that these practices are available to the community and that there are tools and spaces available to support these practices

  1. What positive change is needed in order to fulfill the Vision and MIssion?

Recognition from the community and a general agreement that these practices and tools serve the community in an integral way. Teachers and Facilitators will be valued and compensated for their gifts. Creating a space and programs where facilitators can share their gifts with the community and feel like a valued exchange has occurred so they can continue to share and spread their gifts is needed.

A DBC membership program/ tokens will need to be created encouraging more involvement with projects and meetings for the DBC and individuals will receive a valued exchange for their involvement

Driver for this Proposal

  1. What is being requested to address the Context?

I am requesting funds to address these needs to the community and it will be proposed in three stages

  1. Budget for basic tools - Yoga Mats, Blocks, Silks - $200

  2. 5 MATS purchased for 55000 colones - asking for reimbursement

  3. Build Yoga Shala - $5000

  4. Budget for Teachers and facilitators paid by the DBC

  5. $25 per teacher per class paid by the DBC - $300 per month

  6. $100 per month to go to the Space we host classes and workshops

  7. How will it be implemented?

All funds will be allocated to the Champion of this proposal to be implemented as stated above. All Tools and materials will be considered property of the DBC, and in care of the Champion of the health and wellness circle

Expected Outcomes:

What work product will be delivered that indicates the success of the project?

  1. Short-term Expectations

  2. We will have Yoga mats and tools Facilitators, and community members can utilize for their healing practices

  3. Mid-term Expectations

  4. We will have a space on Diamante Luz land that all members of the DBC can come and use for either personal use or to facilitate classes, workshops and gatherings

  5. Long-term Expectations

  6. The DBC will have an efficient and collaborative program set to meet the needs of our communities, Physical, mental, and spiritual health practices, funded and supported by the DBC. All Tools and Facilities will be free to use by people who meet the Membership Requirements

Evaluation Specifications:

Describe the performance activities that will be reviewed at evaluation checkpoints.

  1. Are regular classes taking place and are people contributing and engaging with classes

  2. Once Budget for the Temple is approved How is it built, who is using it, how is it contributing to the community

  3. Are the people of the DBC membership program utilizing these programs

  4. Are the Teachers and facilitators being paid and bringing value to the community

What criteria will be met, measurements achieved, or above mentioned outcomes will be delivered for which quality, accuracy and efficiency can be checked?

  1. Are regular classes and workshops being held and attended
  2. Building of the temple is approved and a team is put together to build. Success will be measured once the temple has been built and is being utilized
  3. To gain DBC membership or tokens in exchange for Health and Wellness classes, members must be involved in community projects, hands on the land, meetings. A certain number of hours and commitment will be required to receive these classes for free on behalf of the DBC. Are the DBC members who are contributing their time and energy also benefiting from these programs

List specific objectives, systems, documents, processes etc. that will be created and maintained, as well as how progress will be communicated, to whom, and how frequently.

  1. Receipts and records will be kept for any spending for equipment
  2. Receipts, records of expenses and man hours will be recorded and shared with the DBC
  3. A system will be created and agreed upon by the DBC to implement this membership program. A record of all peoples involvement in projects, meetings will be kept and once criteria is met each individual will receive a DBC membership pass or tokens depending on level of involvement to be used to gain free access to these classes and workshops
  • Records will be kept and shared with the DBC to ensure that there is an equal exchange occurring

Milestone Schedule:

Milestone 1

  • Regular Yoga classes and Health and Wellness Programs will be held in the area accessible for all community members.

Milestone 2

  • A temple Space is created that will facilitate Health and Wellness programs and provide a place that will be easily accessible and available for our community members encouraging consistent Health and WEllness practices and will serve to bring our community closer together

Milestone 3

  • DBC Membership program is created to track progress, involvement and provide individuals with a tangible exchange for their involvement with the community.

Milestone x

  • Overall Health , Wellness of our community is improved and supports Health, Happiness and a sense of togetherness among the community

Budget Requirements:

Each Proposal will at a minimum contain…

  • The amount of funds being requested.

  • What those funds will be used on/to purchase (including materials, labor etc).

  • How any funds generated from completion of the project will be distributed in a regenerative, fair and just way… this can include donating a portion back to the Collective or to the community at large. This amount is not set in stone and can be adjusted sociacratically at a later time based on results of the project, but proposal must contain a suggested distribution model or plan as a starting point for discussion.

  • Budget for basic tools - Yoga Mats, Blocks, Silks - $200

  • 5 MATS purchased for 55000 colones - asking for reimbursement

  • Build Yoga Shala - $5000

    • This is an estimate for the Yoga Temple, more details will be provided in a more detailed proposal once the community agrees
  • Budget for Teachers and facilitators paid by the DBC

    • $25 per teacher per class paid by the DBC - $300 per month
    • $100 per month to go to the Space we host classes and workshops

This project supports regenerative enterprise and the missions of the DBC because the people who are here need to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in order to give their all to their own projects and desires. Our own bodies are the first ‘LAND’ that we need to take care of and when we are healthy and happy we will automatically want to be more involved and give back to our community because our cup is full. It will support artisans and facilitators in the DBC financially and provide them with an outlet to share their gifts with the community. This will enhance the overall connectedness and Health of the community, helping us all to stand and work together efficiently and with Joy.


Reimbursement for Yoga MAts purchased - 55 mil

Additional Yoga mats, Blocks, Straps - $200

Yoga Temple - Estimate of $5000

Tools & Equipment


Terms of this Agreement

How long is this agreement in effect, and what happens at the end?

  • All tools and equipment purchased will remain the property of the DBC
  • Once the DBC membership program is created it will be an integral part of the communitie, encouraging more involvement and participation while also receiving a valued exchange

How much is being requested, how will payments be administered?

  • At this time I am asking for $300 to purchase Yoga equipment and tools and to be reimbursed for the mats already purchased. Payments will be administered to Krista the Champion of this proposal
  • Once the DBC membership platform is created I am requesting a monthly Stipend of $400 to support teachers and the Space we are gathering, to be distributed and recorded by Krista and all records will be kept and shared with the DBC

When will evaluations be performed, revisions approved, and by whom?

  • Evaluations and performance can be performed at any time requested
  • The DBC membership program can be reviewed on a 3 month trial basis by the DBC to determine success
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Please leave any comments and concerns. I would love to bring this proposal up for discusión in the next meeting :heart::pray:

gracias Krista

this is travis by the way

i love the proposal and hope it gets implemented in some way(s) soon!!

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Bingo that is of value to me
the biggest most immediate draw for me is I could get paid being of service doing what I want to do.
I would like to the diverse offerings including psychology study, nutrition education, detoxing, intermittant fasting, energy work, phylisophical study, imagination yoga, interpersonal relationship skills. I think we talked about forgeting the yoga shala

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Regrets about being so late to this discussion.

I am in favor of the intention of tuning up the health of members.

I am glad to endorse the purchase of materials.

About a new site I am not so clear. I do not understand why the lovely DLux Dome is not a perfect site for yoga practice? The materials could be stored in the container there, Nor do I understand why the HOME Farm Temple down by the Baru is also not another perfect site? At least for the short term to medium term. So please help me with that…

And where did the cost of $6000 come from? Does it include the value of the land required?

I also endorse (creative) compensation for all who come to share their gtifts with us in this regard and others; as long as it in compliance with Costa Rica laws.

Last question is why would we restrict participation to members? Would it not make sense to share this benefit with others?

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For know we will be working with the many spaces we have available. A Yoga shala that is easily accesible by all would be beneficial to the community. The amount of 6000 was just an estimate, and will be taken off any future proposals.

ALSO the classes and workshops are not restricted only to DBC members, definately anyone can join, but the thought is here that through a DBC membership or tokens, members who are actively invloved in the community can recieve movement classes and health workshops for free, and the facilitators can be compensated through the DBC to make sure every ones participation is valued. Anyone outside of this membership program can still Participate and donate accordingly.

Thanks for all the input! Updated proposals coming soon!

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Hello dears!

So I see this as a great learning and process development opportunity.

This Health and Wellness proposal has clear context, the DBC members, associates, neighbors, etc. would like to have a space, materials, and service providers dedicated to the wellbeing of our people that are taking care of the land and community.

What it doesn’t have is a governing body to approve and administer it. I can see where, if we didn’t have momentum for a Circle to be created, this could be just a Funding Circle request… but…

I think the first proposal needs to be to establish an official DBC Wellbeing Circle with a Council of members that can request budget and manage the proposals, projects and budgets.

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One note on $25 per teacher per class. This was based off our discussion of 3 classes and 1 lecture a week yes? (Perhaps 1 lecture bi-weekly would be better) If so, it comes to me also that we should have another $50 set aside for random classes. Say we want to get a group together to go to Daan for breath work or to another practitioner who offers something, but its sort of a one time randomly planned thing. It might not be all the time, more of an extra flow fund. Thoughts?

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Here u on this Dbs. Krista and I will work on that initial Circle-creation proposal and move to this one next

The lovely space on Diamante Luz that has served us so well multifunctionally to date, has it’s own intended purpose and uses that are requiring we prioritize how it’s used and continue these discussions about where is the best place for specific offerings like yoga and wellness activities. As well as being the kitchen and meeting space for residential land stewards, it is the future primary home of the Eartheart Sanctuary permaculture classroom and those needs will keep it quite well occupied.

Having lots of people come to this space regularly for wellness is not ideal going forward - it has been generously opened by Diamante Luz to the DBC for some time now in a mutual exchange but Krista is pointing out that going forward we need a more focused, central and publicly accessible space for this Circle that doesn’t have to worry about how it impacts the Land Stewardship activities based out of DLuz.

The 4x4 requirement and “off the beaten path” location of HOME Farm makes it quite inaccessible to the majority of interested participants for this purpose. It would require having a meetup point/time for the event and drivers that can transport people and their gear.

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It sounds like we should start collecting member information such as paid services offered. Then a place where people can sign up to express interest like Meetup does - when you reach the minimum needed for a class it can be scheduled.

Hello all - from the Funding and Administration Circle, I think we can close this proposal as “not passed”.

The successful creation of a “Wellbeing” Circle was the result of the proposal which is a great outcome,!

So I’ll add a category here on the Forum for this new Circle to transparently conduct affairs in it’s area of responsibility going forward :slight_smile: