Handy human Stipend claim nov 22

Jeffree Nov.


bananers rack sculpture
bench improvements
portal gate improvements

table improvements
dirt screen built
greywater mess removed
greywater planning
provision lead
fire wood gathering
market day and Feria runs
Taco Tues lead and planning
root camp planning
hands on land awaken,
food support
feelings meetings
well being support
fairy cabin kitchen finish
machina time
weeding maintain ducha area
bamboo team days heavy labor
build crew on taller and other projects , kitchen and systems design.
water tank retrofit
planting food
tending plants
document and media team
cooking lead
dry space activation, planting and earthworks
dog food regen enterprise development and production.
yard sculptures
handy human odds and ends
tool maintenance
dluz spring overhaul projects
dbc meetings
mind mapping land and resources for all upcoming projects
planning resource delivery from states.
community support and bridge to locals.
practice spanish with greater intention para escuchar y apprendar.
mucho amore.
y mucho mas.

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This is a very, very handy list of a very effective human. :handshake: