GivFarm maximization of pools/staking/etc = HUGE IMPACT POTENTIAL - GIV DBC

(My first forum Post!!)
I propose we have a trained person maximizing Farms & Crypto Investments for the DBC, Diamante Luz, and community members.

(Skip to the Bottom, if you want the bottom line “ASK”)

!!Everyday (or even multiple times a day) the GivFarm could use attention!!
When our tokens are not pooled or staked they are passive and only serving as liquidity for the things we may need to ‘Pay’ for that day.

We are creating GIV tokens at an incredible rate. All those GIVs sit in the wallet and do not have the opportunity for growth UNTIL actions are taken…

  1. We can always have some GIV staked to the xDai and ETH networks. This requires action.
  2. As we create GIV - we can/should be SWAP’ing & Converting into Liquidity Pools Tokens for HNY or WETH or ETH so we can then maximize pools, and therefore pools output, and therefore create more GIV, and therefore maximize sustainability.
    These things require action.

Suppose we create 300 GIV a day…
Hypothetical #1: with NO ACTION TAKEN -

  • IF we just HODL 300 GIV tokens per day for 1 year, we have maximum liquidity and only see growth or demise of value as the market value of GIV might fluctuate.**
    = 109,500 potential GIV tokens in wallet @ market value. (today worth approx $55,000 USD)**

Hypothetical #2: With daily action taken and markets remaining steady all year.

  • IF however, we were to stake and pool 2/3 of the 300= 200/day…
    This would leave 100/day GIV for liquidity needs and 200/day could go to the Pools and Staking. IF the pools and staking are earning 1000% APR a (Which is low for what we are seeing this last week)

= 101,311 GIV in wallet at the end of the year @ market Value (today approx = $50,000)
AND we would ALSO have!!!
= An additional 188,000 GIV (today approx value = $103,000) still in Pools or Staked, growing the earnings well past 300 tokens/day.

Here’s an example of the importance and/or impact of being able to compound 1-2x/day…
(From Tomb.Finance)
For example, consider a 3% daily APR on an initial investment of $100.
After 24 hours it would grow to $103.
After 365 days without compounding: $1195.
After 365 days, compounding once daily: $4,848,272.

Please allow Tien the ability and discretion to make these trades and moves, for now. Please assist in finding someone(s) else to join and learn and become a trusted actor.
Please consider that we are co-creating a new role (or many) here… I am actively trying to figure out what makes sense to request for a paid position here.
Please help manifest the happy, centered, quiet, creative, land loving tech nomads.

Con mucho amor…


Yes. Thank you for all your amazing work Tien :heart::pray::heart:


Hey Tien!
Congrats on ur 1st post!! and here’s my 1st engagement with the dig-world of GIV-DBC!

SO! i have great interest in farming and cultivating the value & a-bun-dance :dancer: thats available to us all in the currency world… i see it as a bridge to other farming type value systems. :woman_farmer:

as u know u, DL & I are working towards carving out the time to unify our efforts and abilities with the intent of magnifying our results AND the fulfillment that comes from / form co-creating. i have much to learn from u and get caught up on this farming (staking) world. as well i have much to learn around the GIV token and its potential values! based on ur post am i correct in saying tha GIV is valued around $0.50 / token? if so, WOW!!

regarding ur quote above; i’m willing and committed (WC) to work towards the thrive-ability thats possible here… this of course is al-ways possible through the WC of the collective and the re-distribution of duties and responsibilities necessary to build a healthy & holistic alternative reality!
pura vida y muchas gracias hermanos!


This is a great post, and deserving of more attention which is rather scarce this holiday and event week.

This quote below to me sounds like a Proposal Statement relative to Funding/Administration Circle - a great way to use this forum is to share links to posts like this in the appropriate Circle’s telegram group :wink:

First off - THANK YOU, Tien!! For recognizing the opportunity and acting quickly to protect and grow the resources available to the DBC. And for all the effort you have put forth already to understand the impacts and potential of the GIVeconomy and being ready and able to respond to it.

Secondly, I hear and receive this request, and have the following considerations to put forth:

  • Tim is the accountable party for DBC Financial Management as voted by the membership sociocratically. In order to pass this proposal we will need to implement some parameters within which Tien (or anyone selected for this responsibility) can operate without need for prior authorization by Tim.
  • Actions outside of those parameters that require Tim’s consent, and those that require an advice and objection window by the Funding/Admin Circle and or the Membership, need to be established quickly and I believe this is cause for requesting an emergency Board meeting for this week.
  • The percentage of yield will never be as high as it has been already and is right now… as more people engage in the GIVeconomy the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will change and probably go down. So taking action on setting up these parameters and maximizing the benefits of what the DBC now has in it’s treasury is quite urgent.

It seems we have a lot to talk about this Wednesday!

And in the meantime, transparency is paramount. Any and all transactions involving the DBC Treasury must be recorded and the record accessible by the Funding/Admin Circle. When time is of the essence, then an immediately following share about what action was taken by whom, and with what justification can be a mitigating circumstance. Let’s just remember what we’ve already learned, it is very hard and in some cases impossible to catch up later when things are happening so fast now.

Thanks @Krista for joining the conversation!
And @DJ-Ayote for offering to participate!

Big Love, Dani


This is an awesome discussion, and thank you Tien for giving examples of why this is so important. I think Dani has clearly stated all of the points that I would echo. So I won’t go into repetition. For the immediate future I would like to suggest that we do it together in the morning over a cup of coffee. That way we can both be very proficient and we can get our day started in a coordinated way. Thank you!


Hey, so just landed here and I am interested on opportunities to learn and contribute.

Just very recently started to connect to Giveth community and want to keep on contributing to create this promising economy and community as we build the new systems needed to support our future.

Also made my first donation to the Diamante Luz Center and earned my first GIVs. I am also into practicing governance systems as we practice sociocracy in my intentional community Comunidad Hierba Buena,

Just curious on this or the requirements to participate.


Awsome - Thanks Brother.

Thanks Dave - Price of GIV this morning… $0.92!!!

Hey financial stewards!

I got some information from the Giveth team that we need to pay close attention, when using liquidity pools, to the likelihood of change in the token price, due to the “impermanent loss” and potential “permanent loss” that occurs when Unstaking.

This is because some of our GIV was converted to HNY or ETH then staked while the price was still very low (.24 cents-ish) and has gone up, putting the pool out of range.

Please, going forward let’s take advantage of our access to experts in the Giveth Support, Ideas, and GIVeconomy channels on Discord to consult for advice, share our learnings with the greater community, etc… these are valuable resources in this early stage… not only to give them feedback but to run strategies and consult with wizards.


Thank you for your discusion today in understanding more of the focus u are in the virtual incoming steams you are steering the ship with…
Even i am beginning to see how it becomes something in the physical dimentions as we build this reality in this next phase of manifestos


Hey folks!

Thank you Tien for all that! I am interested in supporting. Perhaps we can each pick a few days a week. I would still need some support to understand how to do this. Working to understand. But, I find that in person training is most helpful.

Bless our a-bun-dance!


YES! Thank you all - I have been empowered to make best decisions I can for the days leading up to great clarity. We / I pooled up to 928 LPs in the GIV/HNY farm… Also, I pooled 60.59 LPs in GIV/WETH pool on xDai net with DBC wallet. I did this until it became obvious that we would have issues with Impermanent loss doe to ETH dropping from $4200 to $3200 approx and GIV going from $0.003 to $1.02 back to $0.70 since we started JUST 3 weeks ago. All that is to say, that we now have incredible LP pool strength to be engines for the General Daily and Streaming future good. Said another way… since I STOPPED pooling and creating LPs we have been single staking to the GIVeth stake only and generated over 4,480 tokens in under 2 weeks. AND… Just today, for the first time in over 7 days, I added to the GIV/HNY pool with 8.23 LPs (worth Approx $353) as that pool is still paying 3x the Single staking pool. Basically, between the 3 pools on xDai, I will again be doing a 50/30/20 allocations (mas o menos) again. until more data come out…


Hello All - It’s been about a Month, so I bring you a little update from today. In the meeting we discussed that, Yes, there is Paper or Impermanent loss at this time, and we did create a great engine to drive GIVeconomy forward. The DBC tracking sheets can be found HERE :GIV Tracking DBC - Google Sheets

We now have 970+ LP’s in the Giv/HNY pool - producing 769% as of today.
We now have 63+ LPs in the Giv/Weth pool - producing 555% as of today.
Producing approx 252 Claimable tokens today, which is 12% of our total earned daily.
Therefore, in usable $s under today’s conditions we earned $107 (which again, is 12% of the total created that will stream out the remaining 88% over the next 4+years)… SEE this quick explanation:


These interest rates will go down. The % of GIVStream will go up. The markets will vary. We have done great things with these energies on the ground and all around.

It is a pleasure to serve.

Please PM me with questions. too