Formalizing the Diamante Luz Land Node Establishment

Our Diamante Luz land stewards have been holding it down on DLuz and also holding down many roles within the DBC since inception as a full on gift to the community so far, and it’s time to consider how we ensure:

  • Firstly, the mortgage is paid off timely (June, $39,000) and DLuz is secured!
  • Secondarily, the entirety of the land of DLuz is formally established as a node within the APDC.
  • And also important, that the Land Stewards are remunerated for a portion of their value appropriate to the Commons bequest.

I would like to propose that the DBC contributes financially to acquire the Commons spaces as designated by the DLuz Land Stewards. Specifically, to remunerate:

  • Tim and Tien for their investment of all they have in order to secure this land, cultivate and restore it, and provide it as the official heartquarters of the Diamante Bridge Collective (it’s already listed in the Constitucion de la APDC as such)
  • Travis for his (and his family’s) investment of skills, services and energy to cultivate and restore the land, as well as communicate with and educate the community.

This is an opening of discussion toward creating an official proposal… please share your thoughts and ideas!