Diamante Bridge Bus

Hey every one!

Here Is the first draft of the Bridge Bus proposal. We are still in the beginning stages of this proposal so more detailed budgets will come as we get approvals and find the veichle we are looking for.

To answer some questions from earlier.

JANANDA - Proposed using existing veichles instead of investing in new.

  • we already have some community veichles and mine in particular has the intention to be used in this way to transport people to communities, events and work parties, acting as an ammbasador for the Bridge until the bus is aquired and in addition too afterwards. I believe the bus will still be a benefit to the community in addition to these veichles for many reasons listed in the proposal below, and we will be raising the money on givith to meet expenses. At this time we are not asking for the money from DBC.
  • also we are already in discusiĂłn with a community member who has a bus already that is showing interĂ©st in collaborating with us

LEGAL - The need for legal advice and proper licences/insurance is stated in the proposal and will have updated information from gwendy next time the proposal is updated

Thank you for all your interést and feedback

Diamante Bridge Collective

Proposal Champion: Krista

Proposal Status: Draft

Governing Council: Krista, Kobi, Lala

Advice Process Location: [Link to Meeting Notes]

Diamante Bridge Bus

24, December 2021

Statement of Proposal:

We would like to raise funds to Buy/Renovate a Community Bus, that will act as an ambassador for the Bridge Collective, helping to bring awareness and support to Regenerative land Projects and Communities of the Diamante Bridge Collective. The Bus will also serve us in other ways like showcasing our products and artists, transportation of goods and people between communities, to events and beach trips, and so much more!

Context Description:

  1. What is the current situation as it relates to the Vision and Mission of the Diamante Bridge Collective?


Under the DBC umbrella we have many talented perma-culturists, artists, creators, facilitators and volunteers. We also have a web of unique and wonderful communities with similar visions to be explored.

The DBC Bridge Bus is our proposed solution to extending the reach and increasing the strength of this web: to help both knowledge and products to move farther, to help bring fresh volunteers to various communities to find their fit, to onboard and educate as we go and to bring the many gifts we are uncovering within our individual homesteads to other homesteads around the country.

From a simple, sparkly standpoint, the Bridge Bus has a fun story. It will be exciting to capture the process of purchase and renovation, and create an engaging, ongoing piece of content for all DBC communities to use online to promote what they’re doing. It’s also an excellent team building exercise as we involve members from different communities in the design of the bus.

But sparkle, while necessary, is useless without purpose. When we observe this project from the perspective of it’s deeper intention, we can recognize the bus is the package for something much more important: from within it, we will be able to share farming and communal knowledge on a wider scale, bring back profit for many regen-enterprises happening within each community and transform the “burden” of nomadic volunteers into a gift by setting up an efficient mobile on-boarding system.

  1. What positive change is needed in order to fulfill the Vision and MIssion?


We require full support and consensus from the DBC collective. This is energetically very important to us as we move forward: this project will act as another bridge between communities, artisans, perma-culturists, farmers, builders and more. For it to succeed, we need to have support from members who have the experience in these areas so we can be confident that the community’s needs are being appropriately met and this bus is fully and completely aligned with the overall vision of BRIDGING communities, people and knowledge. Once we have consensus, we require the DBC to support us to verify on Giveth so we have a larger promotional reach, and for individual community members to promote the project on their own social media platforms (if possible). Finally, we ask for a small donation agreed upon by each member of the DBC to launch us off immediately with a flow of abundance.

Driver for this Proposal:

  1. What is being requested to address the Context?


Aligning with the DBC umbrella gives us larger promotional power. We intend to launch this project on Giveth, and understand the importance of having a verified project in order to have a higher chance of donations. With the consensus, support and excitement of DBC behind us, this project will launch with a lot more energy and success. We also need your input: what do you want to see on the bus? Do you have unique ideas for how it can be used that we haven’t considered? Where do you see room for improvement? With the combined wisdom and experience of the larger DBC team, we can go into this project with crucial confidence and alignment. Then, we can ask that individual members of DBC use their own social media platforms to promote the verified Giveth project, giving us further reach to more potential donors.


We need a place to keep the bus. If the DBC supports the concept, we would love it if one, two or all of the involved farms/communities can agree to offer a space for the bus to live both during the designing and during tours. During design, it would be ideal to keep the bus on the Diamante Luz land as it is the most local for the team. For tour, we would require that the offered parking spaces will also come with a small plot of land for setting up camp around the bus.


Finally, we ask that if the project fits into the DBC’s needs and has the support of members, a donation of ANY amount to start us off will be a huge advantage as we launch the Giveth project. To see that we have already met some of our goals will encourage more donors to make contributions. On the physical level, it’s smart marketing. On the astral level, starting with a flow of abundance means we’re already rolling out the gate.

  1. How will it be implemented?

We will utilize Giveth as our crowd-funding platform with the intention to raise as much as we can without pulling from the DBC’s current budget.

A team will be created to hold the vision, utilize the buses functions, and record/ share financial recording

We will create a story which translates the vision for the Bridge Bus in a fun and engaging way. This story will be told in type using SEO and hashtags to increase reach, and in video so that it is visually enticing.

We will use the Diamante Luz land for the initial bus holding space during renovation and design.

We will keep both the DBC members and the Giveth contributors up to date on where money is going by splitting the project up into three phases: Phase 1 - Purchase and Conversion, Phase 2 - Design, Phase 3 - Stocking and staffing

Expected Outcomes:

What work product will be delivered that indicates the success of the project?

  1. Short-term Expectations

Raise money to purchase and Renovate the Diamante Bridge bus that will serve the collective and stewards of the Land. Complete 1st stage of renovations and utilize the bus immediately to cover some transportation needs of the community, including bringing people to work parties.

  1. Mid-term Expectations

The DBC will have a mobile transportation unit that can start organizing work parties for different nodes of the DBC. In this structure we have access to more people from all around that have an interest in learning about what we are doing here but might not have transportation or the knowledge on how to join us. We provide all the transportation, tools and support so people really feel empowered to learn and be productive on these work days. It will also serve an outlet to trade goods among communities, and provide income opportunities for healers and artisans. Mobile events will help support community members who have talents and goods to share and profits will be coming back to the DBC with a percentage going back specifically to regenerative projects.

Ex. Profits less expenses - 50% Facilitators 30% DBC 20% tools and maintenance

  1. Long-term Expectations

The bus will continue to serve the collective and become an essential tool for bringing in new people, awareness and energy to the community and our many projects here. Bus tours will be launched bringing people to many different communities who are looking for support and hands to complete land projects. We will also have a mobile device that will serve the nomadic desires of many of our community members, giving the people of the DBC opportunities to carpool together to events, beach days, and connected communities. This will help bring the community closer together, engaging in outings together and help keep morale and a sense of community high.

  • The bus can also serve as an Integration tool for new people coming into the communities

Evaluation Specifications:

Describe the performance activities that will be reviewed at evaluation checkpoints.

What criteria will be met, measurements achieved, or above mentioned outcomes will be delivered for which quality, accuracy and efficiency can be checked?

  1. Bus build check ins: Where are we at with budget and progress on the bus project
  2. Product stock: what artisans have offered product and how will we be selling them vs sharing the profit
  3. Events - is the bus successful and profitable with transporting and creating mobile events and Community Tours
  4. What content have we captured and shared to tell the story and how is this contributing to the DBC.
  5. Is the bus successful at bringing people to various communities for work parties and family events - How many people man hours for which Branch of the DBC or other.

List specific objectives, systems, documents, processes etc. that will be created and maintained, as well as how progress will be communicated, to whom, and how frequently.

We will create a Discord Forum within the DBC Discord to communicate about the bus and evaluate its current success. This will be shared in monthly financial updates as well as stories and videos from the tour.

Forum URL:

We will create a Bridge Bus folder within the DBC Community Drive to house financial information and the tour schedule.

We will create a form for artisans, creators and facilitators to volunteer to have their products and services available on the bus. From this, we will create a schedule for the first tour to be approved by DBC community. As a community, we will determine how the profits are shared between artisan/facilitator, bus maintenance and community. This will also be uploaded to the DBC Bridge Bus Drive folder with an available template that can be sent to friends in the area if they wish to volunteer.

Milestone Schedule:

Milestone 1

  • Purchase Bus and Complete Stage 1 Renovations (structure, composting toilet, furniture and interior design.) Begin transporting people for work parties and events

Milestone 2

  • Start Mobile Events Tours where members from our communities can share their gifts on the road with us, creating abundance, experiences and opportunities for our community members and the DBC

Milestone 3

  • Complete Ecological/Work Renovations - Solar panels, Water collection systems, WIFI, Stage Conversion, event tents, camping tents
  • This second conversion will allow us to expand on the Mobile Events and Community tours, allowing us to showcase many different communities, while transporting, feeding and providing shelter so we can go anywhere with these tours and travel as a self-sustaining unit

Budget Requirements:

  • Any portion of the total 30,000+ needed with the intention of using the Giveth platform to procure these funds.
  • Purchase of bus, conversion, decoration, gas for journey
  • Working with artisans and facilitators and, depending on where different income sources come from, we would like to donate a percentage of what we make back to DBC, a percentage to various artisans who contributed, and a percentage placed into a reserve fund to maintain bus and any additional expenses.
  • A percentage of bus profits and man hours will go directly to agreed upon Regenerative Projects, Existing Community Gardens, planting food in public locations and creating a system for maintenance, care and harvest.


1 School Bus -$10,000- 20000

  • Ex. Used 2001 450 C8.600000

1 Conversion - $20,000

  • Turn into a 4x4 - 10.000
  • Solar Power- $8000
  • Water Collection and Filters - $500
  • Compost Toilet - $1000
  • Refrigerator - 500

Furniture and decoration for within bus: $1000 - $5000

  • Kitchen Tools and Utensils
  • Portable Tables for Cooking/Eating/projects/Multi purpose
  • Blankets, Cushions, Mats
  • Video and lighting

Ongoing expenses - Initial Investment required but ongoing costs will be paid from the bus projects

  • Gas. - 500 per month
  • Maintenance - 500 per month
  • Bus Driver License ( 100 per month)
  • insurance / permits

Tools & Equipment

Wifi installation and cost

Tools for work parties - Gloves, boots, shovels - $300


Bus Driver - Needed


Primary Contact Scheduling and Events - Krista

  • The primary contact for inquiries, scheduling and events related to the Bridge Bus. Also will serve as a liaison for the Bridge Bus and help organize many of her own tours and mobile events

Marketing and Promotions - Lala

  • Instagram and Website design, Videos and content

Videos, Photos and Marketing Content - Kobi

Financial Manager


  • Artists, teachers and chefs who want to either travel with us to collaborate hosting events and tours, or would like to promote their talents or products though the bus

Community Representatives

  • Looking for Volunteers who wish to be the Representatives of their community. 2 to 3 people would be ideal from the communities or projects who wish to host work parties at their land who can come on the Hands on the Land tour on the day of activation to help lead the projects and share the stories of the communities.

Terms of this Agreement

How long is this agreement in effect, and what happens at the end?

  • The bus will be considered the property of the DBC and will continue to be so after the original agreements have been put into effect
  • The people involved in creating this project agree to their positions they have signed up for the first 3 months and, following an evaluation/check-in, these positions can be re-assigned or altered.

How much is being requested, how will payments be administered?

  • At this time our goal is to start raising the money for this project on GIveth. Of course any donations or contributions from the DBC to start this project are welcome
  • Once the bus is purchased we will also be requesting funds and physical support for renovations of the bus. The intention is that these funds are received both from GIVETH and the DBC

When will evaluations be performed, revisions approved, and by whom?

  • Evaluations can be performed every 6 months for the first year and we can reevaluate after this based on productivity and abundance created with the Bus

Amazing go go go i think i love this idea and being a part of it i think one of my mission in life is to show people that there are other ways to live life and the connection to other communities and expose how they work its valuable thing for us and for the rest of the world.


Many things listed on this budget are items I have procured through donation from my family estate, and are being packed for shipment now.

Below is pasted my comments from the Telegram Group thread regarding the estate of my uncle here in FL currently being liquidated. My Uncle Steve has operated a heavy equipment salvage yard, automotive/small engine repair shop, road construction and tree arborist businesses, and more - as did my grandfather and great-grandfather before him and my mom took a lot of this on.

Dani, [1/27/2022 8:37 AM]
Alright my brain today is on the voicemail exchange I had with Nicolo about what we can use for bamboo construction right now - to send with @Pantingwolf in his luggage tomorrow then with me and Jason on Monday.

Dani, [1/27/2022 8:43 AM]
@Pantingwolf will be inventorying these hand tools, drill bits, hole saws and parts etc. today - here is the document we will be populating today (Farah Inventory - Google Sheets) with what goes where (CR Container, CR Luggage, FL Sell, FL Nana, FL Steve).

Then everything listed CR Container needs to become a Bill of Lading with exact make/model/serial number/value, and photographed in it’s packing crate with a contents list affixed.

Dani, [1/27/2022 8:51 AM]
This is very important not only for shipping but also because clearing out this property is a model for the Mobile Infrastructure / Bus Project!! We can view this as a Land Node - the resources of which are being re-allocated to other nodes.

Some things don’t make sense to ship if they can be sold here, repurposed locally and generate funding for Steve’s care. The items we are selecting to go to the DBC will be a donation from his estate and the costs of sorting and shipping will be a donation from me to this project.

As a result we will have multiple pop-up village building kits to set up portable work sites including kitchen and bathroom!

I was thinking to create a new project for this and donating the money to cover the costs on Giveth. It has occurred to me that this could be included in the scope of the “Diamante Bridge Bus” project IF it is seen as Mobile Infrastructure - the stuff transported on a bus to pop up a village building site for a remote event build crew.

What do you think - use this project or create a new one?


Regarding these fields in the Proposal Template:
Governing Council for this Proposal is the LAND STEWARDSHIP CIRCLE.

Physical assets that need to be stored at a land node, to be used at a land node or at a public/commons space like community food gardens, children’s village sites etc, or transported between DBC job sites fall under the purview of Land Stewardship.

Advice Process Location: Meeting minutes from LS Meetings where this project is discussed can be added as comments in this Forum Post, then put a link to this Forum Post in the Proposal field for when it goes on Giveth.

Yes yes yes! Wow Danibelle, this sounds amazing. Definately what I was imagining for this project long term. I love the idea. Thank you so much to you and uncle steve :heart::pray::heart:

(NOTE: This is my first posting to the forum. There are likely many typos. So please forgive my clumsiness on both counts. And many thanks to Nicola for helping me get in here.)

Before I comment directly on this (original) proposal, I would like to propose an alternative approach, perhaps as an initial step.
1, Purchase a small-medium School bus with capacity for 20+.
2. Provide regularly scheduled service from San Salvadore Plaza to the main Highway that will connect with the scheduled services there that come and go between San Isidro and Dominical (for beach trips); and pick up people along the way.
3. Provide a prominently featured donation box. (Fee for service from main road to San isidro is less than 1000 colonies and is twice the distance. I believe we’re barred from charging for such a service?)
4. Provide marketing collateral (especially in spenish) with information about the DBC, including goods and Services available at the Tuesday Feria and at Land Node Locations. Provide an order form for goods and services that may be picked up from the next day’s service , or at the feria or delivered to their door. (Such door-to-door service will allow the DBC to learn about family life in the valley, and give rise to other ideas of how we can SUPPORT THEM.) And Provide information about EVENTS and opportunity to make reservations ON THE BUS. Provide a sign-up sheet for those desiring to receive monthly updates on what’s happening at the Bridge.
5. Provide Tours though without on board bathroom facilities

BENEFITS (in relation to original Proposal):

  1. By providing a service needed by the valley, it Demonstrates that the DBC desires to be of service to families and neighbors in the valley, and provides information of the ways to access our other services and our products.
  2. Will improve accvess of the wider community to the Bridge and visa versa.
  3. These Benefits achieved sooner and at a lower cost than those proposed.

MY CONCERNS about Original Proposal

1 . It seems to reflect lack of awareness of where we are on our timeline. These objectives may be (more) appropriate in a year or two.

2 More importantly, I am concerned that it will highlight the cultural, social and economic differences between the DBC and the Tico residents of the valley. And may, in the event, seem like rubbing their face in pur extravagance, and may, culturally speaking, appesr to be arrogance.

  1. A PHRASE FROM THE BANNER AT CASA RIO KEEPS COMING TO MIND IN RELATION TO OUR BWEHAVIOR IN THE VALLEY: “THE EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES.” I suggest we ask ourselves as we walk our path here – Will this behavior be viewed as and equitable and just use of our resources by those who have stewarded this valley before us?



I largely agree with Jananda. Creating regenerative enterprises that meet the immediate needs of the local population, before our enthusiasm for making it easier to throw events, seems important. In the original proposal, I lost focus on what this “conversion” will entail and how you plan to create a supply vehicle for storing and moving around event production supplies in the same bus that would provide travel options for people. We may find that having a pair of busses will be more practical to split up the two ambitions.

Furthermore, if we’re talking about a regenerative enterprise, where’s the regenerative part? How is this a sustainable proposal? How does it generate its own needs so that it isn’t indefinitely dependent on donations?

I think the 4x4 option is relatively unnecessary. If a big bus needs 4x4 to get somewhere it probably doesn’t belong there. These vehicles generally have very strong low gears and double tires on the rear axle. They can climb steep dirt roads fairly well, especially when weighed down with people and things.

These vehicles have powerful alternators that can charge several batteries. Solar Power only becomes worth the investment if you plan to have it parked in a remote location for extended periods of time, and you’ll need to carefully calculate what your power needs will be to responsibly invest in a system that will meet those needs. A roof rack, and a couple of extra batteries to charge off the alternator, might be a more practical investment to consider for use of the roof space.

There are no legal considerations presented in this proposal. If we charge any passengers to board the bus, it will need to follow all of the CR requirements for a registered tourism vehicle. Another option would be to have everyone boarding the vehicle be members of a private club. The insurance and permit needs will differ significantly depending on the approach taken. I strongly request taking legal council to understand the needs and liabilities here.

Are there any considerations being made for converting the vehicle to an alternative fuel source than gasoline?

I’ll finish this comment with a suggestion that proposals like this be made as a Google Doc, giving anyone who has the link to have Comment permissions. It’s oftentimes easier to comment on something like this on a line-by-line basis, rather than summarizing everything in a forum comment at the end.