DBC Mobile Bamboo Harvesting Team Proposal

DBC Bamboo Harvesting Team Proposal:

Proposal Champion: Tien

Proposal Status: APPROVED - 7/6/2022 (NOT PAID or SHOPPED)

Governing Circle: Regenerative Enterprise

Advice Process Location: [Link to Meeting Notes or forum post]

Mobile Bamboo Harvest

30th March 2022

Statement of Proposal:

Create Mobile Bamboo Harvest WorkBox(s)

Context Description:

  1. What is the current situation as it relates to the Vision and Mission of the Diamante Bridge Collective?
  • We are inspiring planetary transformation by embodying regenerative lifestyles.

  • We are generating experiential learning tools, skills, and capacities for the flourishing of personal, spiritual and environmental relationships.

  • We are co-creating collective agreements for self-governance, economic exchange, resource sharing and common-land stewardship.

  • We are facilitating the just redistribution of resources and power toward restoration of ecological wellness and social equity.

  1. What positive change is needed in order to fulfill the Vision and MIssion?

  2. We need to stop borrowing tools / equipment, etc. AND be able to move from Node to Node

Description Text :

We request tools and equipment and supplies to systematize the bamboo team’s efficacy.

Proposal status update -

Requested Funds For:

  • Chainsaw - $500 (Stihl)
  • Saws all - 20V - $300
  • Crow Bar - 20,000 - $32
  • Gloves - x2 $20
  • Burner / Propane / Pan / - $65
  • Powerwasher - 90,000 - $145- electric
  • 2 x Rama Saws - $20
  • 2 x Machete - $10
  • Pipe Clamps - $24
  • 4 x 5 gal Buckets - $25
  • Climbing Gear (we have the 1st 1 or 2 teams covered already)?
  • 2 + Large (Black & Yellow) totes - $55
  • BamBlu - ??
  • Boric Acid - ??
  • BORAX - ??
  • Transportation - ???

TOTAL - $1222

Driver for this Proposal:

  1. After 3 years of working on these systems. We are ready to make our team fully autonomous and responsible for all their repairs / profits / loses. Etc.

  2. How will it be implemented?

  3. Buy all items - Inventory - Name Tag & Color all items

  4. Create 2 +? Boxes with everything ready for a FULL crew

  5. Shampoo Effect expand

Expected Outcomes:

What work product will be delivered that indicates the success of the project?

  1. Short-term Expectations

  2. Monthly updates on Spreadsheets, Bamboo inventory, Asset vs. Liabilities

  3. Mid-term Expectations

  4. 3 months of use and a report on status, losses, gains, new items needed, lessons learned, etc.

  5. Long-term Expectations

  6. Successfully implement a regenerative model for 3-5 part time “Harvestors”

  7. Successfully track time & labor for accounting, projections and cloning this system.

  8. Bring in 1-3 New Crews and Mobile Havestor ToolBoxes

Evaluation Specifications:

Describe the performance activities that will be reviewed at evaluation checkpoints.

What criteria will be met, measurements achieved, or above mentioned outcomes will be delivered for which quality, accuracy and efficiency can be checked?

List specific objectives, systems, documents, processes etc. that will be created and maintained, as well as how progress will be communicated, to whom, and how frequently.

Milestone Schedule:

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

  • Description of deliverable
  • When it’s expected

Milestone 3

Milestone x

Budget Requirements:

Each Proposal will at a minimum contain…

  • The amount of funds being requested.
  • What those funds will be used on/to purchase (including materials, labor etc).
  • How any funds generated from completion of the project will be distributed in a regenerative, fair and just way… this can include donating a portion back to the Collective or to the community at large. This amount is not set in stone and can be adjusted sociacratically at a later time based on results of the project, but proposal must contain a suggested distribution model or plan as a starting point for discussion.


Quantity, Price

Tools & Equipment


Terms of this Agreement

How long is this agreement in effect, and what happens at the end?

How much is being requested, how will payments be administered?

When will evaluations be performed, revisions approved, and by whom?