DBC Membership Benefits and Responsibilities - OPEN DISCUSSION

We’re super grateful you’re here! THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a member of the Diamante Bridge Collective (the DBC)!!

We are currently (as of 20-January-2022) in the process of determining and deciding together as a collective what the benefits and responsibilities of membership entail. If you would like to offer any input and be apart of that discussion and working group, please join this Telegram Group for further communications regarding meeting times/links to forum posts/etc.: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Please also read this DOCUMENT to find out more information and begin sharing your ideas:

For those interested in taking a more active role… please be advised that an online (and simultaneously in-person) meeting is proposed for Tuesday 1/25/22 at 2pm.

Thank you!


I would love it if the first person that reads though the document can let me know if you can edit/comment right on the Google Doc itself. If not we will be consolidating comments from this forum post. Thanks Diamonds!


Yes, editing is enabled on the doc :slight_smile:


Yes we can edit! Thank you phoenix this looks great! I look forward to further discusions to help crystalize this very important need for our community!!


Thanks to all who came to this afternoon’s round table discussion around what membership means to us and the collective. It opened some wider questions around, What is the Collective? I did my best to take notes from the meeting. I hope they effectively convey the thoughts that evolved. Feel free to comment, question, and add your own notes from the discussion.


Please use this link instead to view the original document.


Adding my comments from this DBC Membership Telegram Group post here:

Dani, [1/26/2022 10:21 AM]
Reflecting that a land node is an entity that can have membership just like an individual, or a project/org.

Dani, [1/26/2022 10:23 AM]
Members offer each other benefits… a person to a place or place (land node) to a project or person, a org/project team to a person or place.

Dani, [1/26/2022 10:25 AM]
There are global networks like Bloom that offer benefits to people or places… and land nodes that provide benefits to global network members … and these are not theoretical, Giveth is a great example of a worldwide DAO providing benefits to DBC members through use of the Funding mechanisms.