DBC Capacity Relationship Building - Accomplishing the Mission

Hola a todxs,

This blog entry includes


- Contextual Bakground.

- A Role Description for the role.

- Detailed responsibilities and goals for the role.

- Insights on the immediate and long-term impact expected from this position

Contextual Background:

Following our recent discussions on the 24th May, I’ve been having conversations with all the people I could from the collective that are connected to the DBC in some or other way. To me is clear that the need of a bridge connector role between the on the ground with the the rest of the network, is crucial for the effective management of the Diamante Luz Collective (DLC) as a sociocratic organism, emphasizing shared governance and inclusive decision-making where the use of the land is collective.

I wrote the following infos for the role designed to address the diverse challenges we, and many other alike organizations, face and to drive the development of a cohesive, impactful strategy and its execution for our community to really have an impactful presence, build collective capacity and growth for next stages of the MyCofi, meaning how can we direct the processes to embody intersectional regeneration and communal integration of locals and foreigners.

This text is just an example of a position that would help growing our treasury and facilitate their decision execution as we move towards the impact we seek, it might and shall include further design principles or aspect that the DBC community would like to implement and guarantee. I'm not seeking any proposal yet, rather feedback.

Role Description: Program Builder / Relationship Weaver

I like the name Program Builder - happy to hear other variants - will be responsible for overseeing the program creation and development of the Diamante Luz Collective. This role involves ensuring the sustainability and growth of our community through strategic project creation, community integration, and resource development and allocation.

Key Responsibilities:

Any of the following responsibilities can be taken by this position to clearly create phased programs to enhance capacity. Also this is a question around the amount of funding and priority.

  1. Site Development:

I don't see where is the value that the DBC is giving to the community right now, and I think that's it's the main core of the vision and mission of this project, to create a prototype on how the elements can be arranged in such a way that incentivices symbiosis within the bio-region creating relationships between newcomers, locals & organizations.

I think that actions like the following can bring more direction towards our vision:

  • Co-develop a phased development strategic plan, including budgeting and resource allocation, with input from on-site steward and volunteers using permaculture design principles through collaboration with on-site team members.
  • Create a program for maintenance and improvement efforts for DLC’s physical infrastructure.
  1. Digitalization and Tracking:

In any organizations is always a challenge to keep track of everything that's happening. This is not an easy task, and I also think that this can mean the success of the project.

  • Set up and manage digital systems for tracking project progress and outcomes.
  • Maintain records of community contributions and stewardship activities using cloud-based tools.
  1. Community Integration and Engagement:

This can be a more secondary priority example:

  • Organize and facilitate community events and educational workshops to foster stronger integration with the local community.
  • Organize occasional community events and educational workshops, leveraging local coordinators for on-the-ground execution. E.g planting trees at riverbanks projects.
  • Develop digital guides and resources to support community members and volunteers.
  1. Economic Resilience and Resource Development:

This seems to me also a more mid term solution:

  • Identify and co-design small-scale income-generating projects (e.g., mushroom production, essential oils, handcrafts).
  • Seek funding and resources through grants and donations aligned with DLC’s mission, utilizing online networks and platforms.

Immediate Challenges:

  • Addressing the state of the gardens and infrastructure through permaculture design based action.
  • Improving on the ground digitization of progress to track progress.
  • Take care of the process and create spaces for the developing of a clear business model for DLC.
  • Securing necessary permits so that projects can be ran effectively.

Long-term Goals:

  • Creating a sustainable model for affordable housing within the community.
  • Establishing DLC as a hub for scientific tourism and regenerative education, in the form of a regen commons hub.
  • Developing diversified revenue streams to ensure economic resilience.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Fluent in English & Spanish.
  • Strong understanding of Web 3 tools.
  • Experience in community engagement and development.
  • Knowledge of permaculture and sustainable practices.
  • Ability to navigate regulatory and administrative processes.
  • Knowledge about digital organizational tools.
  • Excellent communication and leadership abilities.

Effort Requirements:

  • This role requires a commitment of 10-20 hours per week, with potential for increased involvement as projects scale. Also at this early stage I’d suggest to create the design plan to which we can start achieving step-by-step basis, for instance from 4 to 8 hours a week to create initial material that can take decisive action that makes the difference and focus on cultivating capacities.


  • To be discussed based on experience and contribution. I also noted that there’s a need to keep qualified people on site, so how to generate the mechanisms to incentivize qualified people to come and participate.