Creating forum and proposal guidelines to improve the DBC Governance

Starting this thread to bring about the topic and my ideas to be implemented. And to look for feedback and ideas to further improve our governance.

In the process of creating guidelines for the forum and governance process, starting from what is documented on the “DBC Life cycle of proposal & project/ HOW TO SUBMIT” (DBC Life cycle of proposal & project/ HOW TO SUBMIT - Google Docs) document. The broad stages for projects life cycle can be applied to other proposals.

I am writing the guidelines for this so anyone can use tags to mark the different proposal types:

  • agreements: What is allowed, what isn’t?
  • process: What are the steps to do X?
  • roles: Who does what?
  • circle: Defining circles, proposing new ones
  • project
  • action: something you want to do but does not qualify as project and want to receive approval through governance
  • land node: proposal to be an official land node

Proposal states:

  • Idea: you have a specific proposal idea and want to start gathering data and consulting for feedback
  • Proposal forming: your idea is being structured using a proposal template, and going through refinement collectively or asking help to specific group. Can go to advice process.
  • Pending: The proposal is clear enough and waiting to be consented by the collective or concerning circle.
  • Active: If consented, take action.
  • Closed: The proposal did not receive enough traction or it was not consented.
  • Evaluation: Self assessment or collective assessment. Can the proposal continue as is, consider improvements, or is it completed.
  • Celebrate!: The period or life of proposal ended. We celebrate the learnings and the successes. Now bring more proposals !!

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BOOSTing this proposal :slight_smile:

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