Create a Letter of Intent to participate in Gaia Union's BioRegional network

Rroposal Champion: Randall Saborio
Status: Draft

Driver for Proposal:

The primary driver for this proposal is the alignment of Gaia Union’s objectives with DBC’s commitment to regenerative community development. Collaborating with Gaia Union could enhance our capabilities in areas such as land management, community-driven financial systems, and holistic well-being. Their focus on bioregional governance and community empowerment through projects like Fondos Comunes aligns well with our Sociocracy governance model and sustainable development ethos.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A team of the DBC will study in possible ways of cooperation with Gaia Union and create a draft Letter of Intent. This to be shared with the DBC members and improve through advice process.
  • Establishing a Collaborative Relationship: Initiate a formal dialogue with Gaia Union, opening doors to potential collaborative projects and knowledge exchange.
  • Send the Letter of Intent to Gaia Union.
  • Enhanced Impact and Reach: Leveraging the strengths and resources of both organizations to enhance the impact and reach of our sustainable development initiatives, particularly in the areas of bioregional governance and community-driven projects.


  • Alignment of Values and Goals: Assess the compatibility of Gaia Union’s projects and initiatives with DBC’s mission and practices.
  • Feasibility and Potential Benefits: Evaluate the potential benefits and feasibility of collaboration, including resource sharing, knowledge exchange, and joint project development.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Post-initial discussions with Gaia Union, gather feedback from DBC members and iteratively refine our approach to ensure alignment with our community’s needs and values.

Supporting Documents:
Deeper Context 4 GLocal (BioRegional) Eco/Bio-Habitats Network / DHE: Distributed Holonic EcoSystem

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I’m in support of this @rpiesveloces .

I think we are all clear to proceed with creating the letter of intent for submission.

A Question: Is participation with Gaia Union accessible in Spanish?

One concern I have, is who else in the Colectiva would be interested to learn more about Gaia Union’s Bioregional Network and the mutuality of benefit from participation. From my view, having additional local Costa Ricans engaged in the process would increase the benefits because it focuses on bioregional inhabitants where Spanish is the native language.

In the spirit of “each one teach two”, let’s explore how we can share your knowledge and experience in these areas by cultivating a mentorship opportunity for others in the region!

@rpiesveloces - are these documents that can be linked here?