Complete! Resourcery and Rios Limpios project owner change

Hey all,

I’ve submitted a request to Giveth that will transfer ownership of the RECenter and Rios Limpios projects from the DBC account to their own accounts. Ara will have custody and responsibility for these wallets, and Nikola will also have keys as a backup. Dani created the projects as the DBC custodian, and will retain access as well until no longer required.

The request can be seen on GitHub here.

We are forging the way on many project practices within Giveth and the new economy so for transparency I want to record these decisions here. Both of these projects started as initiatives/proposals within the DBC, and can be seen in previous iterations on through where they now find themselves, as autonomous projects supported by and supportive of the DBC.

DBC as a DAC link here
The Togethering Place as a Campaign link here
Create a Recycling Station Trace link here
The Rios Limpios Campaign on Trace here

Diamante Bridge Collective as a Project on - with update on the progress of Rios Limpios grey water project, and spin off strategy for this project after ‘incubation’!

Ara is now setup, trained and ready to take on responsibility for editing and updating these projects as well as managing the donations in the wallet. Woo hoo!

oops and the Projects themselves are here!

RECenter San Salvador
Rios Limpios greywater filtration

Alright so we missed a step.
Ara, as the administrator for these projects, you will need to create a profile for each of them on

You’ll want to put up an email address for them to receive alerts about the account.

Thank you Dani :innocent:
I did complete the profiles for these 2 accounts : Rios limpios and Recycling Recenter

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OK the Giveth developers tell me this is done…

Looks like this proposal can be closed. Am I right? :slight_smile:

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Yep - Marking complete!