Broadcast Station Proposal

I Lukas Hosford, aspiring member of the Diamante Bridge Collective’s regenerative community, hereby propose a for-the-common-good media production studio:
What leads me to make this proposal? This last year, I have been seeking to open up funding/support for a sanctuary/temple project that supports and guides people simultaneously toward regenerating their internal organs at a physical level and their will-to-live/skill-to-liberate at a psychological level. Early in 2022, I received the counsel that a media-driven business model would be what is most aligned to succeed at the moment. The logic behind the analysis struck me as impeccable and I have since gone on to write it out more thoroughly (here: Myth Made Hys Story — Samsara's Nadir control F: “The Covid 19 Pandemic “).

In May, while visiting Diamante Luz to take photos of the inspirational work going on there, I met Robbie Felix who had great inspiration to believe that these media-driven business models would be able to lead-the-path/open-the-portal to much greater abundance for projects promoting regenerative agriculture and regenerative lifestyles. Robbie Felix’ most persuasive argument is simply to point to what we are capable of now, if we dedicate the time and energy to learning, when we realize that our smart phones and laptops are capable of running a completely professional media production studio, rivaling Hollywood in the quality of its outputs.

I personally have found this guidance difficult to follow myself alone as I have been struggling through a healing and rebalancing process. I generally tend to prefer direct connections and intimate spaces, rather than the exposure of the stage’s spotlight. Nevertheless, I have worked on such a business model and a brand, which presents inspiration as the highest value, seduces us into economizing our consumption, and guides us to an over-all higher state of connectedness, while nevertheless presenting an appealing and attractive front-end.

Presently, the brand is ready to launch with cheerleaders and believers all over and a team in the states ready to execute its roll-out through Web3 and NFTs. The brand promotes a message of “sharing is caring” and that the fear, uncertainty, and doubt which has been getting in the way of smooth intergenerational wealth transfer can be overcome. The roadmap of the brand development includes unionizing on behalf of the creators of a circular economy and funding regenerative enterprises as the means to accomplish the various functions of for-profit businesses (which, the reality is, are currently still very necessary if we are to have sustainable abundance).

Obviously, these goals are in-line with the DBCs aspirations and so I have pitched the brand to David Ayotte representing Home Farm. Currently, we are considering how we might establish joint operations between Home Farm and an NFT community to generate a liquidity pool for supporting farm and community operations. The consideration is also pending as to how Anastasio’s aspirations to host a Conscious Café might become beneficiary of such a project collaboration: receiving a supply of free or discounted food and medicine.

Additionally, Juanpa has now expressed to me on two separate occasions his aspirations to document some of the established farms that can be found throughout Costa Rica. I am passionate about the honoring of ancestral wisdom and the preservation of stories and recipes. I believe that the DBC would benefit greatly from throwing its support behind the launching of a comprehensive media-broadcast station to consolidate these aspirations and intentions.

I would like to spearhead this project, but will need a team of content creators (not necessarily dedicated) to unlock its full potential. Likewise I will need an upgraded computer set up in order to produce the full range of media that I am envisioning, but rapid prototyping is possible with what we have now.

I am envisioning regular (at least 3 times weekly) live broadcasts, audio and video in both English and Spanish (potentially some in German and Hebrew if the energy and enthusiasm shows up). I believe a newsletter announcing the economic transition that we are going through on the planet today is in order, with details of how it is unfolding locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The newspaper can be delivered on horse-back throughout the valley (make it a good story), handed out in person at the market, made available for pick-up at various venues (Abues or the Lighthouse in San Salvador, the Mystic Church in Tinamastes, Mama Toucan’s in Dominical, the Urban Farm Café in San Isidro, and perhaps locations yet to be determined in Uvita, Ojochal, and Chirripo), as well as being emailed out as a newsletter to a subscription list.

Out of the studio, I would like to produce Juanpa’s documentaries, which will champion the various farms throughout Costa Rica, supporting us to ensure that their best practices continue for generations to come. Contracts could be negotiated for what share of profits from the media go to the farms, the studio, and whoever else is involved in creating it.

I would suggest that we start by producing a documentary of our own farm projects here in San Salvador: Home Farm, Diamante Luz, and Luz del Bosque. In order that the farm documentaries mesh with the brand (which can sell merch and affiliation to aligned projects from afar), I propose that each film focus on a meal, prepared on the farm by the stewards of the farm and that it digress into clips of interviews, tours, and cultural events. Additional food-focused media can be produced to showcase the different farmer’s markets and the various functions they serve in the community: notably, vendors at the Tinamastes feria are selected to complement one another without competing, whereas the San Isidro feria is much more competitive.

I believe that the curated documentaries would be best modeled off of the T.V. Show “Chef’s Table,” but with a “it takes a village to prepare a meal attitude” rather than focusing on the genius of a particular chef. Out of this media studio, I propose that we begin to create an educational archive of materials specifically focused on the documentation of little known foods and medicines, presenting them in as practically usable form as possible: specifically a beautifully designed ever-unfinished recipe-book and a landing page for a marketplace of healers and educators on the natural healing-ways.

As this proposal is for a rather substantial endeavor, which can nevertheless be prototyped using what materials we already have, I propose a community co-visioning session to hone in on action-steps to crystalize these aspirations sooner rather than later.

I would note that the community backing such an endeavor would be very supportive to activate the Sanctuary Project which I have proposed here: Luna Solterra Sanctuary and Visionary Sensorium |<!-- --> Giveth

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