Approved! Angel Assistance Parental Relief Program

:star_struck: INTRODUCING THE CHILDCARE PROPOSAL 2.0 :star_struck:

A wonderful team of SUPER DOPE INDIVIDUALS has come together for our WED PROPOSAL JAMS (9 AM!) to polish the childcare proposal and now we gotta/wanna/hafta share it with u!

Please share ur advice and suggestions here and let’s blossom this beautiful FLOWER :sunflower:


Thank you Angels for getting this proposal up and going!! I couldn’t comment on the actual document… so I will post my thoughts here instead.

  • age bracket of 1-4 might be too limited to serve the needs of many families in this community… suggest widening it to include at least up to age 8 or 9
  • Have the times been determined yet… gonna poll the momma’s and papa’s to see what has the most interest? Wednesday DBC 11:11 meeting time will be covered for sure. I suppose… maybe 10-2 that day? But that is over lunch time, so maybe the kiddos bring their own lunch or snacks. Also, to start, I’m suggesting another weekday early morning (7-11am… maybe market days?? alternate Tuesday (Tinamaste) and Thursday or Friday (San Isidro) and maybe a weekend late afternoon (1-5pm before dinner and bed time routines)??
  • will pick up be available for transporting the kids to determined location? One of the angels can be a “taxi driver” to pick up confirmed kids.
  • RSVP system (to who/“the angel coordinator”)… at least the night before so we know how many are coming for fruit purchase etc
  • where will the child care be? A safe place that already has toys and things to entertain? Same place or rotating locations? Togethering place is convenient (but occupied on Wednesdays except for when DBC is rotating to other land nodes on the first Wednesday)?
  • any requirements for the angels… prior experience with kids, CPR training, background checks/references etc.?
  • maybe coordination with the participating parents to rotate to their houses one time per month (or per week at the beginning before participation increases)?
  • talk to Sean and Rivka because they wanted to offer child care once per week at their new place… big yard, play house, lots of fun music stuff :slight_smile:

Lastly… the math isn’t quite right… 4hrs per event for 2 angels, 12 times per month (at 4,000 colones per hour) comes to 384,000 colones or $600 per month (at 640 colones/$1). $12 in fruit per event adds $144. So suggesting total requested per month is $777, which gives a little ($33/month) buffer for some miscellaneous purchases of fun activity stuff. Obviously this budget can be revisited after the first month or two to increase or decrease the snack/supplies allocation, etc.

Thanks again!!! Lots of love to you all!

P.S. I’d love to be one of the Angels at one point, CPR certified, former pre-school teacher with great references :wink:


Many Thanks to all who were/are involved in getting this done! and Thank you for those wonderful questions !!!

Got an answer today on location. Sara Lux agreed to host it at casa rio. And participate in the child care ! I believe there will be other places too.

I propose that when the care is hosted at the come of a caregiver we add 1 mil to the hourly rate making it 6 mil for that angel.

Are there any wuestions, concerns or objection to this proposal? We may be able to discuss it at tomorrow’s proposal jam !

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Will bring these notes into the jam Phoenix, thanks so much!
<3 See whoever at 9 at Togethering <3

Also I propose we pick 3 locations to begin with so that organization is simple.
If we start rotating locations we will need someone to manage this and at this point it’s much simpler to have 3 days, 3 locations and Angels go to location.

As we ground this process, we can then extend to more locations when we understand what kind of management that will need.

Today in the Funding / Admin Circle - We talked and linked 1st Steps to the Project Proposal Sheet. DBC Proposal Tracking Sheet - Google Sheets

Important Update from LALALAND!!!

Hey all, we’ve done so much progress in getting this thing moving.

NOW WE ARE AT THE NEXT STEP: Bringing the parents together to find a champion for this proposal!

Though I am happy to offer my time in assisting with clarifying the document as far as it has come, I am not able to CHAMPION this proposal and without a Champion willing to bring together a CIRCLE OF PARENTS and handle the distribution of resources, we can not be handed any resources.

I invite the parents to take it from here now that we have movement, and to maybe meet in a circle to verify the common needs so that we don’t have people who aren’t parents making decisions for this group.

Love you all so much!


I’ve made some comments on the Google Doc. This proposal attends to a clear need, but it includes several assumptions and generalizations that fail to address a spectrum of logistical specifics, that are well to be further considered. I think that holding consultation with some people who have actually run childcare programs in the past would be helpful to expand awareness of what hasn’t been thought of yet.

Is this proposal still active? I see Love Can doing lot of childcare…is it related? And if not, why not? :slight_smile: Can we push forward to reach a status approved/rejected?

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Hey thanks for popping this up @NikolaCreatrix !

The Angels proposal was presented at last weeks Funding & Admin Circle meeting on Wednesday, March 17th. You can read the full meeting minutes here.

Spoiler Alert:
The Council members present approved the proposal, Yay! :slight_smile: