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What is a Proposal?
A Proposal is a request to meet a need, harness an opportunity, or solve a problem that is brought forth by an individual, circle, or group. Proposals can be made in verbal or written form depending on the complexity of the request.
A proposal may be as simple as a DBC member requesting compensation for fixing one of the DBC trucks. A clear request such as this may be passed quickly by obtaining agreement within appropriate governing circle meetings.
A proposal requiring more input and time will need to first go through the “Advice Process” to raise awareness, identify impacted parties, and obtain additional perspectives. Examples include requesting a consistent budget for a new role, a building request or the offering of a new system of tools to support the whole community. Proposals that need to provide clarifying information are subjected to an advice process to solicit objections and work toward agreement. This is to ensure that all voices are recognized when making decisions that have a larger impact on the whole.

Please follow here for the full DBC Lifecycle of Proposals and Projects process
Follow here for the suggested Proposal Template

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