APPROVED: Luiza’s Steward Proposal -DLuz Land & DBC Member

Role proposal for Luiza as a DBC member and as a land steward in Diamanté Luz. Please comment on in by monday Dec 26th :slight_smile: thank you :white_heart:

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Beautiful, thank you @Luizasbeltran for a well-thought and presented proposal!

Diamante Luz will be fortunate to have your committed presence in 2023 and I look forward to working more closely with you :heart_eyes:

I’m happy to support your self-nomination for membership with the DBC as stated here - will you please also post on the 2023 Membership thread here with a reply stating your request, and complete the Membership Application as explained in that thread :slight_smile:

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Luiza i’d just like to say that this is a beautiful and clear proposal you did here!
i’m also impressed with VEA (Value Exchange) that you very clearly spelled out!! :muscle: